Come Visit Me at My New Writing Website!


Is anybody out there?

I spent so much of my time blogging here--writing almost daily for four years over the course of more than 700 posts. But when my daughter was born, something had to give. And of course, it ended up being the blog.

I don't regret that decision at all, and I knew well that it was time as posting tapered off and I just lost the desire. I never posted any goodbye post or an announcement of any sort. I just, well, stopped. 

And that was over six years ago! My little girl who had just celebrated her second birthday now is a big 8-year-old! With two little brothers added to the mix, as well. Wow, how the time has flown.

So I don't even know if anyone who used to follow along back then will even see this or even be interested in what I'm up to now. But just in case...

Now that my life has settled some (meaning, my kids are growing and I have a bit more spare time once again), I am getting back into writing. Though this time, it will look different than before. Whereas before I was a writer for my own blog, now I have the dream to really write. To get back into writing for magazines but even moreso to pursue writing a book or two.

To chronicle that journey, I've started a new website where you can follow along with me. Make sure you navigate to the "blog" part of the website to get the latest details! (You'll notice I'm now writing under a pen name. For the privacy of our family, that is what I feel comfortable with at this point in time. And honestly it really feels freeing!) 

You can also feel free to follow me on Instagram, where I post pretty frequently with lots of behind-the-scenes peeks into my writing progress as well as just general life stuff. You might even get a taste of some of my old blog writing thrown in there, too.

Thanks so much for sticking with me this long. I know it's been awhile, and I apologize for leaving you hanging for so long. Hopefully there are no hard feelings, and we can pick back up again and catch up on all that time lost so long ago. Cheers to new beginnings!

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