About Me: Carmen @ Life Blessons

Hello. My name is Carmen and, in short, I:
  • strive to love the Lord with all my heart follow the Holy Spirit in all I do.
  • have been married to a wonderful-hearted man since 2009 (and you can read all about our love story).
  • am a first-time mom to my daughter born in early 2013 and learning the rough-and-tumble realities of motherhood.
  • endeavor to live simply (cooking from scratch, going green, budgeting, crafting) while creating a home and life that brings me joy and sanctuary. (Read my latest posts about decorating our home and what I've been cooking up in the kitchen.)
  • find joy in even the hardships and praise the Lord no matter the circumstances. (Not an easy task, by any means. But one I believe wholeheartedly in.)
  • love things like: thrift-shopping; making my own household essentials (here's a giant DIY list of things I make myself); vintage fabrics; a color palette that includes anything teal, olive green, or mustard yellow; writing; praying; watching God work miracles; being resourceful (or as other people call it: crafty); long nature walks; homemade photoshoots; music by fellow Christians that actually sounds good; collecting easy-yet-healthy recipes; bargain hunting... The list could go on and on!
"Life Blessons" is the blog I started in November 2009 as a way to provide an intimate look into my life as I detail my experiences learning how to live out my faith, nurture my marriage, start and raise a godly family, and simply become more of the woman God created to me to be, day by day.

Along the way, I share the blessings and lessons that are a part of this journey, the things I like to call my life "blessons."

These are my Life Blessons. Thanks for reading and following along on this journey. I'd love to hear from you, so take a moment and say hello!

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