Women Praying Boldly: Will You Join Me?

If you are interested in praying for a godly husband and want others to rally around you in prayer, then fill out the form below with your contact information.

Everyone who fills this out will become a part of this initiative and then we’ll all start praying for each other. You don’t have to pray every day, but you do have to commit to intentionally praying for your fellow ladies a few times each month. I only want women who take this prayer seriously—who really believe that it can impact lives and are willing to pray it boldly themselves—to sign up. If you’re already married but still want to join along in praying for these ladies, then you can jump on board, too.

I will send out monthly email updates to everyone in the group. (Don't worry, all your email address and information is kept safe and confidential.) Then, the praying begins.

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