Privacy & Disclosure Policy for Life Blessons

I created Life Blessons as a way to share what’s going on in my life with other people. That remains the purpose of this blog, which has grown a great deal since those first days!

Because of that growth, here are some details regarding our privacy and disclosure policy, so that you can be fully informed about what you see here on Life Blessons and how it affects you:

We want you to know that your privacy matters to Life Blessons, and so you don’t have to worry about your email address ever being sold to any third-party. If you sign up for our email updates, that’s the only purpose that your email will be used for. If you leave a comment and include your email, the only thing your address might be used for is a direct reply in regards to that comment.

Now, we do have analytics running on this blog, so that we can monitor its growth, figure out where people are coming from, what kind of browser they’re using, etc. We gather this information by tracking IP addresses, but that information is not linked to personally identifiable information and it is only used to make the blog a better destination for all users.

We do accept third-party advertising on Life Blessons, which you may see in the form of advertisements in the sidebar, header or footer of the site. We use reputable advertising networks (such as BlogHer and ContextWeb) to provide these ads, as an opportunity to make some revenue from the hard work that is put in here day after day. (If you would like to opt-out of viewing some of these ads, you may find out more information about doing so from the DAA or the NAI, which both offer an  industry-wide opt-out mechanism.)

Additionally, some links on the site are affiliate links to other websites, such as Amazon or Ebates, which means that if you click through a link on our site and then make a purchase at that site, then we’ll get a small commission in return. (Please know that you will never be charged more for these transactions. The price will remain the same, we’ll just get part of the cut that would have otherwise gone to that website.)

Because we want to be good stewards with the income from this blog, we also give a portion of it back to worthy causes. Currently, we have partnered with International Justice Mission to donate a portion of the revenue that comes from Life Blessons to fight injustice around the world.

For both third-party ads and affiliate links, these companies may use cookies to track users’ activities on this website to measure advertisement effectiveness, to target ads more effectively, and for other reasons that will be outlined in the companies’ own privacy policies. We have no access or control over these cookies that may be used by third-party companies.

We do accept giveaways and items for review. While we often receive complimentary items and, at times, compensation for these reviews and giveaways, any opinions expressed about the products or for any sponsored posts are solely our own and based on an honest assessment of the product. We strive to blog with integrity!

Like I said before, the goal of Life Blessons has always and will always be about providing quality content for our loyal readers. Sure, we love the opportunity to be compensated for our efforts with monetary payment or products from third-parties, but we most appreciate the fact that you keep coming back here, day in and day out, to read about my Life Blessons: the blessings and lessons of this little life of mine.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy or disclosure policy of Life Blessons, please get in touch.

Last updated: June 08, 2012
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