Getting Ready to Kick Off Guest Post Series

I'm always impressed by those bloggers who sit down, every day, and write a new post.

Sometimes I go through droughts with feeling like blogging... There are times when I have tons of ideas for posts and might write three or four in a single day. And then, I can go weeks without writing a single new one, mindlessly posting from my draft folder. (Thank goodness for that draft folder!) That has been the case for me lately.

Which is why I'm very excited that a few of you have come to the rescue to share your testimonies, which I'll start posting this month, starting tomorrow! There's still room if you'd like to submit your own testimony to the mix; here's a link to the original post where I shared a bit more about what I'm looking for.

Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for the debut reader testimony to appear tomorrow morning. (And thanks in advance for pitching in and keeping the well from running dry!)

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Call For Guest Bloggers: Share Your Testimony

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1 comment:

  1. I'm impressed my that sassy cocktail ring- I want one in my stocking!

    and you are a genius for having a draft folder, my blog just gets totally neglected when I don't feel like posting :)


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