A Glimpse Into My Gratitude List

As inspired by my reading of One Thousand Gifts, I’ve started my own burgeoning list of all those sundry things for which I must give thanks to God. It is almost hardest for me to remember to be thankful for the smallest of things, so I am enjoying this exercise.

Here’s a look at some of the items and moments that have graced my list of late (as well as some of the prayers they have also incited):

Dear Lord, thank you for all your gifts, including:
  • A good book to read and inspire me.
  • Warm flannel sheets.
  • Pretty, soothing music that comforts my soul.
  • An onion to chop up.
  • Extra ingredients for tonight’s dish, and the perfect amount.
  • Your patience regarding calling me back to you.
  • Your perfect timing regarding ending my job.
  • Providing me with this respite right now, a chance to relax. (Please help me enjoy and relish it!)
  • Ready cups of coffee that are sweet to my taste buds.
  • The stories that you share with me in the Bible. (Please help me continue to learn from them and fall in love with them!)
  • Easing into the morning slowly.
  • A clean desk welcoming me to the day.
  • My blueberry scented candle that burns scents into the winter air.
  • The insights and clarity you give when I take the time to sit down and listen.
  • Giving me blankets to throw over my lap
  • Giving me a kind and loving husband who shows me your love daily. (Please help me be able to better reflect your love back to him.)
  • Inspiring me to keep this list. (Please teach me through this. Please change my heart.)
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  1. Love this list! I just finished the book a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it. What a great idea to start your own list! I should do the same - it's so easy to overlook the little things, but added up, those are the things that make life so wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have got to read that book!

    I love your list- as I read it, I started thinking about all the things I'm grateful for as well... very inspiring post!

  3. I was reading an excerpt from 1000 Gifts in Crosswalk.com this morning and I have to agree that the book appears to be awesome. I was just as challenged to be more appreciative. Big fan of the flannel PJs myself!


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