Call for Guest Posts While I'm on Maternity Leave!

With my due date getting closer and closer, there are plenty of loose ends to tie up and take care of in preparation. And what I'm going to do with this little blog during that time is one of those.

I expect to spend plenty of time those first few weeks tending to my little girl, getting to know her, and trying to get as much sleep as possible. Which will likely leave little time for this blog until I get the hang of this motherhood and newborn thing.

Which is why I'd like to open the blog up to a month full of guest posts to stand in place while I take some maternity leave. If there's a topic you've wished I'd cover or you think ought to be addressed on here—why not write a guest post? Or if you want to share your story (about your faith, a lesson you've learned, a blessing you've experienced, or anything else along those lines), now's the time to chime in! The options for story ideas are pretty endless, and you needn't have a blog to participate.

I'd love to have submissions in by the first week of February, so that I have enough time to edit and prepare them to post in my absense. Email me with any submissions or any questions about a story idea or pitch you have in mind. I appreciate your help in tending to this blog while I'm away!

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