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Karrie wanted to have a natural birth when she found out she was pregnant with her second child. Late in the pregnancy, they discovered that her son was breech, and they patiently waited for him to turn so that Karrie could have the natural birth she desired. She tried everything she could think of (from going to the chiropractor to placing cold peas on the top of her stomach!) to try to help him to turn, but none of them worked.

The last option was to try to turn him manually, a technique known as “external cephalic version” or ECV. Karrie wrestled with this decision:

I wondered if the ECV would be my only shot for a natural delivery. But I had a red flag about it. Here’s the thing about red flags…you just don’t ignore them. There’s a reason they are flailing around in your subconscious face.

There was only a 58% chance the ECV would even work, and he could turn back even if it did. I finally let go and decided I would be declining this invasive procedure. (There is the first set of weights off my shoulder!) I just kept thinking if he doesn’t turn with all these things I am trying (especially the chiropractor and acupuncture/moxibustion, which have super high success rates), then I felt in my gut he just isn’t turning for a reason.

It was at this point that I realized that all of this was a lesson in faith for me. And just because you realize that doesn’t mean you are suddenly squared away and good to go apparently either. I went to my personal library and asked God to show me what I needed. I grabbed two books, Amazing Freedom: Devotions to Free Your Spirit and Fill Your Heart by those lovely Women of Faith ladies and The Remarkable Prayers of the Bible: Transforming Power for Your Life Today by Jim George.

The first message He sends me from the first book, “In a strange but marvelous way, her belief gives her a sense of freedom because she knows she doesn’t have to figure out the big picture by herself. She doesn’t have to see how each piece of her life fits into God’s big, glorious picture. She just keeps believing. Keeps praying. Keeps trusting. And she knows that in the end, God’s plan will be revealed to her, and she’ll be able to see her life as God sees it.”

The second message from the second book is from the chapter on Abraham “a man of remarkable faith.” Here’s what jumped right off the page and all but slapped me in the face: “Fear is a good indicator that we have strayed away from God’s will, for when we have fear, we are not trusting God.” And then there was a reminder that, like through Abraham’s prayers, that we should be motivated by a desire to see God glorified.

I had been praying, though not fervently. I kept in mind that prayers aren’t always answered immediately, and sometimes they never are. I kept in mind that it really is His Will Be Done, and I was ok with that….or was I? If I could just know what’s going on here, why he is breech, why hasn’t he turned, will he turn in time? I felt so much closer to peace, but just wasn’t quite there. Lessons can be such a pain. And I picture God doing the 9172981273 things a minute that He does and peeking in on me to see how my progress is going and thinking to Himself, “She’s almost there….”

So my prayers changed to focus on whatever the outcome, I would be glorifying God. If he turns head down, then God did that by His own hands. I mean He is knitting him in my womb (Psalm 139:13) so He will certainly turn him if He wants. If he doesn’t turn, then God left him in place for reasons I may not get to know this side of Heaven, but glory to Him for bringing me this child, His child on loan to me, however He planned to bring Him to me.

And then the last set of weights were lifted off my shoulders by my Father….and not because He turned the baby. I woke up from a nap and was sitting there in the quiet, gazing out the window at the greenery and listening to the birds. My mind wandered to this baby boy as it often does, but not him in my belly in the “wrong” position and wondering when will he turn or will he turn or why hasn’t he turned, but of him on my chest making those heavenly baby noises and within kissing distance of my lips. And that was it. Oh sweet peace. It just didn’t matter anymore how he arrives, God has that covered. Free at last! And oh look at that, this IS true! “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36.

Update: Here is Karrie’s son’s birth story and how everything worked out in the end!

Karrie is a stay at home mom to two boys, 2.5 years old and 8 months. She started Mostly Crunch to share what she has learned about natural health and occasionally, life in general. She also started the "Natural Living" group on Facebook to provide a place for anyone to ask questions and share information on their natural living journey.


  1. Thank you sharing this quote“Fear is a good indicator that we have strayed away from God’s will..." and for the book recommendations. I will check out your facebook page. I like natural holistic healing.

  2. Great post - joining the Facebook group now! I also read your birth story, and found it to be so beautiful. God was glorified indeed!


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