Dear Claire: 11 Month Update

(I've been writing monthly updates to my daughter, Claire, documenting all the changes that come with the passing weeks. You can catch up on past letters here.)

Dear Claire,
You are now just one month shy of a year. Can you believe it's been that long already? Can you believe we've made it this far? By the time you're reading this, 11 months will seem like barely a drop in the bucket. But it feels like so much right now. So much, in a good way.

You got sick for the first time this month. (Well, you’d gotten pink eye around six months, but it was mild and we caught it quickly so it never bothered you.) This time, though, you were miserable. Your nose was runny and it turned into an ear ache that had you wailing “Ow!” and “Oh!” and what I swear sounded like, “Help!” We took you to the doctor as soon as we saw you tug on your right ear, but it was too late. Even with antibiotics (azithromycin), you were still in great pain for the next two days anytime the ibuprofen would wear off. 

And to top it off, you were so congested you couldn’t breathe through your nose so you snored when you slept (causing your dad to dub you Darth Baby) and you gasped when you tried to nurse. (Consequently, you gave up sucking your thumb and haven't gone back since, something I am relieved about because I dreaded having to break you of it.) It was pitiful and I felt so sorry for you. But fortunately, on day three the pain subsided and on day four you could breathe through your nose again. I'm just thankful we were able to make it ten months until you really got sick!

Otherwise, another big achievement this month was that I realized your hair can be pulled back into pigtails! I love pulling it back. Of course, you love pulling the hair bands out, so they don't ever last very long, but I have captured a few photographs of the moment.

Right now you are in love with music. You now bounce when you hear a tune. Sometimes you'll tap a foot or clap your hands. You have an electronic drumstick that plays a rhythm that you can tap to, and you love the melody. You also have maracas and shakers and jingle bells and empty tin- and cardboard-canisters that double as drums. You love picking these up and playing with them; they bring a huge smile to your face when you discover them in the midst of your playtime.

You've got your daddy's love of playing music. (You've also discovered his guitar, hidden behind his desk that you make it a point to crawl around the chair and trashcan to play with the strings. Ain't nothing going to stand in your way of playing music, huh?) And you've got your mommy's love for dancing to music. We've recently started doing dance parties where we find some good music to play in the background while we sing and twirl along.

And this past week at church, we took you into service with us during the worship time, and you sat enrapt while the band played and everyone sang along. (Of course, as soon as they started praying, you decided the quiet was too much and started shouting and "talking" to make up for it. We then took you to the nursery, where I've been having to hang out with you, because you still don't like being left without one of us with you. I don't mind though; it's given me a chance to get to know some of the other women who are serving in the nursery better than I would have otherwise. That's one thing I hope you'll learn: There's always a silver lining. Always. Make it a point to look for it.)

So this newfound love of yours has been fun and I've been looking for ways to enrich and encourage it. I'm looking into music classes for you, because heaven knows you don't really need any more toys or clothes, and with your birthday coming up, I thought that might be more useful than more "stuff" for you. But we'll see. By the way, I'm sure your wishlist would include things like: a new cellphone/remote control that actually works and lights up (rather than the ones with batteries removed that you like to give me); a toilet paper roll I can tear apart as much as I please (and eat to my delight); a trashcan (full of trash, of course) I can explore, etc.

At any rate, we're getting closer and closer to that milestone, and it's been so much fun. I hope you're having fun, too.



  1. I'm glad she is better. It is pitiful to see our little ones sick! Breaks my heart, especially when they can't breathe.

    I'm glad to know we aren't the only ones with not being able to separate for nursery. Wells has been having a big case of the mommies lately.

    1. Oh yeah, definitely. It started with Claire around 7 or 8 months and has continued pretty much off and on since then :) Hopefully yours won't last that long!


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