A Week In Our New Home

It's been a week now that we've been living in this place that we now call "home." And a little less than two that we've owned it. And yet, it seems so much longer than that.

In that short amount of time, we've had friends and family give up their own busy schedules to help us paint and organize, drop off meals, watch Claire. We've put together new furniture, started dozens of projects, made incredible progress and already mopped up a geyser of water from a washing machine gone ruly. 

Our sweat and elbow grease are all over this place and it shows--it finally is starting to feel like us.

It is a grand thing, this place of home. And Claire already understands that, somehow knowing that the room with the room with the brightly-colored carpet and neon walls is hers. She loves opening all the cupboard doors and playing on the open deck. I think she understands this is home, our home.

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  1. It's great that you're all settled in your new loving abode. I remember the time I was on the process of moving and settling in in our current house. It was stressful, but fun at the same time, and at the end, I was just happy that we have a new place to call our home. It must be fun in yours, with all that funky walls and colors. I hope you and your family create lots of wonderful memories on your new home!

    Leonard George @ Remax-Crest


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