Celebrating Our 1-Year Wedding Anniversary

Down here in Atlanta, the day started off with rain, which was especially fitting. Today was our one-year wedding anniversary.

A year ago, a single day on the calendar was transformed and would never be the same again. It was our wedding day. On that day, July 10th, the heavens opened up and rain started splattering the ground. And yet, there were more important things about to take place than sunshine or rain.

Once the sudden storm passed by and we moved the wedding vows indoors from the puddles and mud, Michael and I got to become husband and wife and begin our marriage together. From that first unexpected change-of-plans, our marriage has been watered and taken root.

It's hard to believe that a year has gone by; sometimes imagining it's been much longer than that, and at other times wondering where it all went.

Today, in celebration of the past 365 days, we woke up and went out to enjoy the day, despite the gloomy skies and looming rain that threatened, a mindset we're trying to live out daily in our marriage.

We drove down to the farmer's market and, with my own sweet by my side, we picked out some new sweet potatoes. A symbolic way to kick off the next 365 days, no? And by this time, the clouds had been carefully tucked away and azure spread all around.

Continuing on the theme of looking back in time fondly, we went to a natural history museum later in the afternoon, where we browsed through art and artifacts (and even musical instruments) of the Incas and Mayans and other early South- and Central-Americans. We saw a mummy the size of a 10-year-old and delicate Indian jewelry. We learned about Roman sculpture and meandered the grounds surrounding the museum, where I got to see my first sunflowers of the season standing tall against the sky.

Afterward, at a nearby coffee shop, we took a moment to reminisce over our first year together and talk about what we've learned, what we're thankful for and what we look forward to from this next year. A simple celebration, but that's us. That's what we're happiest with. Each other.

Happy anniversary, Michael. I love you!

{ an impromptu photoshoot }

{ time machine }
{ sunflower city }

{ who needs champagne when you have coffee? }

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  1. Wow! Today my husband and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary :) God has blessed us with 2 "rewards of the womb", many lessons, and an abundance of grace.
    Happy Anniversary!
    in love.

  2. @ Amy - That's awesome! I'm so glad to share my anniversary with you. Congratulations to you, too!!


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