The Ugly Sound of Anger

We live in a small apartment building, filled with only a dozen units. Built during the 1920s, our walls are thick and sturdy, erected to last. You would hardly know that our bedroom closet sits against a stairwell and on the other side of the wall behind our couch is nestled another abode. We're more likely to hear people shouting on the sidewalk outside our building than our neighbors inside.

That is, until the tenants that live upstairs get angry.

We started noticing the outbursts about six months ago. When the man would grunt and growl and then something would get banged on the floor or thrown against a wall. We can hear him thud around and other things bang against the drywall and hardwood. Sometimes there's a crash. Sometimes it can last all evening. Sometimes we can hear a video game cranked up in the background.

Michael and I will look up at each other, wide-eyed and frankly a little concerned. Anger should never look (okay, sound) like that. Especially when it's (presumably) over a video game.

This is not to say anything against video games or like I feel that we're in danger. It just makes me sad to hear someone get so angry over something so unimportant, so empty. It makes me wish he knew that there's more. It makes me pray.

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  1. That is always so upsetting to hear! We used to have neighbors like that next door- this woman that would scream and curse at her kids- it made us feel awful! Then they suddenly moved out a couple of months ago. There was much rejoicing up and down the block! Still sad for that family though.

  2. @ Jessica - Ugh, I think that's even worse. At least our neighbors don't have kids. That would be heartbreaking to listen to!

  3. That's the worst part of living in an apartment. We've been pretty lucky to have good neighbors for most of our married life, but it's always something I worry about. Loud music/TV I can handle. But you're right, it's the angry sounds that just make my spirit hurt to hear.

  4. Hey! Me again.. I have another question. haha
    How do you get your layout to be 3 column, every time I try to do with other "blog-help" site, I either can't figure it out, or it doesn't work.


  5. You can email me at if you want! if it's easier.

  6. @ Starving Student Survivor - Yeah, we're definitely understanding when it comes to music and stuff (it can never get worse than it was while living in dorms!) but this is just uncomfortable and unsettling! Sad, sad!

    @ Chels - Awesome! I'm happy to help and will shoot your email. Thanks for leaving the note!


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