This Week's To-Do List (plus Link Up!)

Last week I asked whether you like reading these to-do lists of mine that I've been posting for the past few weeks. A few of you responded to say you do enjoy hearing them, and so I figured why not share the to-do list love? I whipped up some fun little buttons that, if you want to join along in sharing what's on your to-do list (for the day or week or month or rest of your life!), you can make your post and link up! You'll find the directions below...

In the meantime, last week was pretty productive. I finally got around to dropping our donations off at the thrift store that I've been putting off for months now. I just never looked forward to having to cross our busy street with two big bags. (And I always forgot to take them with me in the car.) But now that's checked off and there's a nice new corner wide open in our living room again!

One of my favorite items on last week's to-do list was researching ideas for Michael's birthday, which is coming up next month. I can't share those details here (obviously!), but we're making progress and I'm getting excited!

So without further ado...

  • We have some extra apples that are likely to go bad if we don't get creative, so I'm going to try making some applesauce or apple chips and see how those turn out
  • Wipe down the inside of the fridge shelves/drawers and reorganize freezer
  • Write some more book reviews I have been putting off (more for your kitchen collection!)
  • Make new batches of granola bars and bread-machine bagels (and try swapping in some wheat flour into the recipe)
  • Mop kitchen and bathroom floors
  • File away magazine clippings and recipes from my latest round of reading (I got a new box in the mail of magazines from my mom this past week!)
  • Figure out whether I want to get my hair cut and make appointment, if necessary
  • Browse through a book I got from the library, Organic Housekeeping, and see what I learn! (By the way, check that out: Amazon is selling that book for $700! Not sure why, but another reason why I love libraries!)
  • Bible reading & praying
  • Play bingo Saturday morning at the local nursing home that our church volunteers at each month!
  • Look into local blueberry picking and dairy farmer (I never got around to doing either of those last week)
  • Figure out menu and shopping list for the week (thinking this week will involve a bunch of green beans...)
Link up and share your own to-do list!
If you want to join me in posting your to-do list (for the day/week/month/eternity!), all you have to do is copy one of the lil button codes below (a variety pack assortment, just for you!) and paste it with a link back here at the end of your post. (If you're reading in a reader, the code probably won't show up, so just come to the site directly to copy-and-paste.) Then just come back here and leave a comment with the direct link, so that we can all pop over and pay it a visit. Fun, right?! I hope a few of you chime in and participate. I'm looking forward to it!


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  1. Carmen, I just found your blog and I love it! I've become a big blog-reader in the past year, so I'm glad to have found yours. Good to see you and Michael last night!

  2. Oh, thanks Kaitlin! I'm stoked and appreciate that a lot :)


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