My To-Do List for the Week

Inspired by Frugal Trenches and her weekly "Must Get Things Done Monday" list, I started posting my weekly to-do list a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying sharing it here, although I'm not sure if anyone else finds it all that compelling of reading material! (Let me know if you do; I'm kind of curious...)

I took last week off from posting my list because all that was on it was traveling: Michael and I were lucky enough to get to go on not one but two little getaways! From Monday through Thursday we were in Virginia Beach with his family (sunshine! sand! waves! dolphins, oh my!), and then spent the weekend in Chattanooga with the newlywed group from our church. Lots of fun, laughter and memories crammed into seven little days.

Needless to say, after all our jet setting, there's much to get done now. So here's what's on my to-do list—not only for today but for the whole week. (I need the flexibility of a week-long to-do list rather than just one day!)

  • Deposit paycheck at bank
  • Finish grocery shopping for the week (it's a good week of sales down here in ATL!)
  • Drop off recycling
  • Post office to mail package
  • Daily quiet time & prayer (here's the reading plan I use; right now I'm reading through Solomon building the Temple)
  • Prepare press releases and create mailing lists for work
  • Create weekly menu, incorporating new recipes and as many fruits/veggies as possible!
  • Put away laundry
  • Research gift ideas and surprises for Michael's birthday next month!
  • Come up with a list of "Favorite Posts" to feature in one of the blog sidebars
  • Update my Books Wishlist (which you can see in the right-hand sidebar of the blog)
  • Look into going blueberry picking (a friend recommended a great farm that I want to check out!)
  • Call local dairy farmer we met about buying some milk next time they're in town
  • Call our apartment office to have them fix our kitchen light
  • Drop off donations at thrift store across the street
  • Finish reading "Love and Respect" and decide what to read next 
What's on your to-do list for the week? Feel free to link up in the comments!

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    1. Well I find it interesting.....but maybe I'm just being nosey ;-)

    2. I like it! My to-do lists automatically fill up with crafty projects for the week- which excites me, but leaves lots of little things neglected :) Maybe I could have a no-fun list, and reward myself with doing something from the fun list when I cross off a few from the no-fun list...if that makes any sense.

    3. Thanks, ladies! I appreciate hearing that you're not bored to death by my random lists :)

      And, Jessica, I think the idea of a fun and no-fun list is actually a good idea. Otherwise, I would usually put the no-fun stuff off forever!


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