December Highlights from Our Home

After taking a weeklong break from blogging last month, I thought I'd revisit and share some of what the last month of 2010 brought my way:

December brought about a lot of transitions to our home. My husband started his new job, while I ended mine. I originally was supposed to wrap up my work-from-home gig on December 3, but was asked to stay on an extra week to provide some additional training for my in-house replacement.

For me, I'm relishing this little respite of time while I look for a new job. Having worked full-time for the past six years without any extended break, I'm making sure to appreciate this bit of downtime I've found myself with. I have had a couple of interviews this month, but nothing too promising to speak of just yet, though I’m still looking and applying—and trying to keep the apartment looking spic-and-span!

With my husband's new job has also come new bedtimes and rising times. He has to leave our home between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m., depending on the day, so we're waking up an hour early and going to bed between 8pm and 9pm! I think it's the earliest bedtime I've had since elementary school!

He has about a 40-minute commute, so we're looking to find a place and move out there by the end of this month to give us as much time together as possible! Moving is not my favorite thing (no sort of physical labor is), but I am looking forward to what this one might bring. I'm hoping to find a new place with its own washer and dryer and some more storage space than we have now. I would also love a yard or outdoor access of some sort, but I'm not going to get greedy with my wishlist just yet!

We ended up spending the holidays here in Atlanta this year, since we haven't accumulated any vacation days just yet. While we missed spending time with our family in Ohio (a first for me!), we were able to be involved in more Christmas-related outreaches down here, including caroling at a nearby nursing home and spend Christmas with friends, passing out Starbucks and winter gloves to folks on the street—which was especially fitting since we had a white Christmas, thanks to our first snowfall of the season!

Otherwise, the most excitement we’ve had was when, upon going to bed one night, we realized a small squirrel had quietly come in for a visit, and was perched on our ironing board, and then jumped into our closet! I’m sure we looked pretty hilarious trying to coax the poor guy out with breadcrumbs, all the while donning oven mitts for protection and a laundry basket for a cage. Fortunately, we finally were able to escort him out when he made a beeline toward our front door, which we obligingly opened and he made his way out, after a short visit trying to climb up our bookshelf and then deciding our choice of titles wouldn’t do. Thankfully, we haven’t seen him since and think he got in through a hole in the baseboard in our bathroom. Just another reason why we’re looking forward to the possibility of moving, and avoiding any more critter visits in the night!

I hope you had a wonderful December yourself and are enjoying your foray into 2011. Here's to a new year before us!

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  1. That is hilarious. I think the oven mitts are a clever choice of protection against the evil squirrel.

  2. Thanks, Leelee! Just imagine me racing after the squirrel when he started racing down the hall in our apartment and screaming bloody murder (at 11pm at night, no less). We can definitely laugh about it now!!


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