Update on Testimony Series

I hope that you've been enjoying reading the Testimony Series that I've been running as much as I have the past couple of months. Women from all over the country (and even a few from outside the States!) have shared their stories of fears, insecurities, heartbreaks, and everyday hardships—and how the Lord came and rescued them each and every time, drawing them closer to himself.

Some of the testimonies have moved me to tears. Some are ones I know all too well from my own experience. Some are ones that drop my jaw in awe. Some have even made me laugh at God's wonderful sense of humor and how he meets us in the most unexpected of places. And yet they all show us, again and again and again, how God is unceasingly working in all of our lives.

To read story after story of God reaching out to his children in miraculous and mundane ways has really opened my eyes more than I could have imagined when the inkling of an idea first came to mind.

Back then, I wasn't sure whether anyone would really be inspired to share their stories. But something encouraged me to at least try. Like I said from the beginning:
I believe in the power of testimony.

When we share our testimony—putting to words the things that God hath done—it increases our faith. Both for the one sharing, who is reminded of how God has moved in their life, and for those listening, who are encouraged from this story to trust that God indeed hears our prayers and is at work today. These stories help us all as we look to the great unknown of the future and trust that the God who was—who touched and mended and saved lives yesterday—is the same God who is today and who is to come tomorrow. We can trust him with all that is yet to be.

But even more than that, sharing our testimonies gives God the glory, glory. We praise him when we recall these stories of deliverance and provision and perfect timing. It says in Revelation 12:11 that Satan is overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Something spiritual happens when we share these stories with one another.
And here we are, three months later, with so many touching testimonies to look back on and encourage our own walks of faith.

I look back on this humble endeavor with awe. Even it is a testimony to God's goodness of taking something little and insignificant and multiplying it for his own glory. How neat is that?!

I say all this because tomorrow I'll be posting the last testimony in the series, a little vignette from my own experience. If you still have testimonies that you'd like to share, please do get in touch and I'd be happy to post them and keep the spirit of testimony-sharing going. But for now, I've posted all the submissions I received.

My thanks go out to everyone (Kate, Tamara, Joye, Rhianna, Jo-Ann, Lindsay and Amy) who has been so humble and gracious to share their testimonies in this series. If you missed any, you can browse them all here.

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