Pinned! Now on Pinterest, the Virtual Inspiration Board

Just a little head's up to those of you already on Pinterest: I joined about a week ago and have been pinning away ever since! You can see and follow any of my boards here.

If you're not familiar with Pinterest, basically it's a site where people save / post / show off all the cool stuff they discover online, whether it's clothing from shopping sites, yummy recipes, crafts to try or anything else that you want to file away for a rainy day.

I put off joining Pinterest for awhile. Mostly because I've tried a few of those sites before where you find cool stuff online and post them to the site, and they've never really "stuck" for me. But I think one of the strengths I've appreciated about Pinterest is that you can search other people's treasure troves, easily repin them and not have to worry about forgetting where you saw that one neat craft or what blog had such-and-such. If you pin it, it's all in one place. Easy peasy.

When I recently decided I wanted to get a clock for our bathroom, I went onto Pinterest, searched for "clock," and was able to flip through a bunch of really cute and crafty ideas to kickstart my inspiration.

So, I'm officially on the pinterest bandwagon. Come and join along!

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  1. Yeah! I joined a little while back, and I really like it! I used to hate it when I'd see something cool but then forget where it was. Problem solved! It also gives me something cool to do while listening to podcasts.

  2. @ Laura - Oh, that is a good idea to surf Pinterest while listening to podcasts!

  3. Oh! I'd never really understood what Pinterest was before when I'd heard mention of it. That sounds cool, though, and actually pretty useful. I'll have to go check it out later for myself. :)

  4. @ Kristin - I felt the same way when I first heard about it, too...not really sure what the point was. But it has been really helpful and easy to incorporate into my online reading. "Friend" me on there if you sign up!


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