Apartment Tour: The Kitchen

It's been a few weeks now that my husband and I have been living in our new apartment, and I wanted to share what we've done to turn it into a home, room by room. It isn't perfect, and I don't want to portray it as so. But it is real, and that's what I want to showcase—the beauties, blemishes and all. (I explained a little bit about that here.)

This week, I'm going to show you around our kitchen. Feel free to browse all the previous posts featuring the apartment tour here.

This, my friends, is our kitchen. Honestly, it's not my favorite room in the house. (You'll see that next week!) But, it works for what we need, so I'm trying to appreciate it for what it is! That big tan box to the left of the stove is our space heater, and there's another one in our bedroom. I have no clue how efficiently they heat up the place, but fortunately we have a few more months before we have to test that out.

Here's a closer look at the stove and fridge area. As you can see, I've moved my homemade chalkboard from the office into the kitchen, where I think I like it better. I also nailed some alligator clips to either side, where I can easily swap out different pictures from magazines or wherever. On the side of the stove, I used some of those "power lock" suction cups to keep my hot pads at hand for easy cooking accessibility. On top of the fridge, I've corralled all my cookbooks in a basket.

Our cabinets run most of the length of one side of the room, which has been lovely in giving everything a proper place. I ended up storing all of our food items in those bottom shelves, and it makes me feel like I'm at a grocery store instead of my pantry shelves. (You can also see the fruits of my handwashing here on display!)

Here's a closer-up photo of the countertop, where you can see: the fruit wallpaper (not my style, but way better than the wood paneling it's covering up); our mini-microwave, which also serves as where I stow all my recipes; plus a cute little owl cutting board and cheese knife that one of my dear friends got me a couple years ago!

At the other end of the room is a (really dark*) little nook where our dining room table is nestled quite perfectly, with our four chairs that I recently recovered fitting around it without a hitch.
(* It really doesn't look quite that dark, but my old point-and-shoot is not too fond of low lights. The photo below is a better representation, but at least from this one you get a general feel for how the room fits together.)

Here's a closer-up look at the table, chairs and curtains. The table itself is also a dark wood, so we have opted to keep it covered with table cloths so that the corner doesn't feel drenched in darkness. That has been something we've had to work at avoiding, thanks to all the wood paneling in here. I also added some big white curtains to try to lighten that corner up a bit.

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  1. I love the fabric of your tablecloth and your little Owl cheeseboard. Really enjoying this series!

  2. Thanks, Gemma! I'm enjoying posting this series, myself. It has been good for me to share where we live--even the places in it that I'm not especially fond of!

  3. It's cozy! That's where our chalkboard is, right near the stove- our little menu board. I can't wait to see more!

  4. I have often wondered what was going through the minds of people when they installed paneling, did anyone ever think "oh this is going to be a good idea!"

    Love your little owl cutting board, my BFF is fan of the owl and has her kitchen decked out in them. I'm always on the lookout for cute owl accessories.

  5. @ Emma - Thanks!

    @ PJ - Yeah, I guess there was a time when paneling was quite the trend? I dunno. But I don't think you'll ever catch me putting any up!

  6. FYI: Blogger ended up doing some maintenance recently and took down this post. I ended up having to re-publish it, which is why most of you are seeing it for the second time now and all the previous comments ended up getting deleted. My apologies for that!

    I'm not sure what the problem was on Blogger's end, but re-publishing seemed the only way to get the post back onto the blog. Thanks for your understanding.

  7. i just loooove your kitchen. the photos are beautiful and i think it´s so cute and beautiful.. i love it!
    and the wallpaper is great.

    and with blogger... what was wrong with it?! it also messed up my blog.. but i cleared up the matter already.
    but it was kind of annoying, that it didn´t work for so long.. but now it works again, what really makes me happy!

    i hope that in spite of all that, you have a wonderful day! god bless you!
    xoxo nina

  8. @ Nina - Thanks so much, Nina! I appreciate the kind words and the comments. And so does my humble little kitchen, too! :)

    Yeah, it was really weird for Blogger to go down, but I guess sometimes that has to happen? At least that was the first time I've had a problem posting since I've had this blog for a year and a half, so I can't complain too much for a free service! I'm just glad it's fixed now!

    Thanks again for leaving me a note. I am going to go poke around your blog now! :)


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