Check out my interview on Little Tiny Pieces

Many thanks to Gemma at Little Tiny Pieces who featured me in a Q&A interview on her blog! She came up with some great questions to ask, so if you're interested in reading about what I love most about marriage, what I couldn't live without in my kitchen or what a "blesson" is, click here to read the entire interview.


  1. Great interview, Carmen!

    How do you like living in Atlanta? My fiance is trying to get a job there. We are praying SO hard regarding this opportunity! :) We would want to live more in the country or suburbs, though, and not right in the city.


  2. @ Nicole - Thanks!!

    @ Heather - I've been living in Atlanta for about two years now and really enjoying it. We have lived downtown as well as the suburbs and like them both, for different reasons! I hope your fiance is able to get a job down here; it is a nice place to live with tons of stuff going on all the time. I'm not sure how the job market is, my husband and I both had a tough time trying to find full-time jobs when we were looking. But, the Lord can always make the impossible happen, so keep praying!


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