Our Two-Year Anniversary and a New Series!

I am aware that two years is not all that long.

But it is long enough to have learned a few things, long enough to have become aware of my mistakes, long enough to have harkened words of wisdom, and long enough to have seen fruit come to bear from these different lessons.

It is two years now that my husband and I have been one. Back on July 10, 2009, we had little idea of what we were getting ourselves into: Just a hope and a dream that it would be as good as our hearts imagined.

I am so happy to say that it has proven to be that and much more.

When my husband and I first started dating, there was a verse that seemed to be the caption that floated over our relationship for me: "I will bring you gold in place of bronze, silver in place of iron, bronze in place of wood, iron in place of rocks." Isaiah 60:17

That verse has nothing to do with dating, and instead comes when the Lord is calling his people to be faithful again and promising them that their punishment will not endure forever, but mercy is on the horizon.

But during the time in my life, I saw in that verse how the Lord makes it his gift to take what we have and dazzles us with things more brilliant than we could have even expected, much less deserve: We have bronze, but he gives us gold. He gifts us riches that make us stand in awe.

I had expected someone who was "bronze." And yet the Lord did not stop there, but gave me a man who was stronger, purer, wiser than my wildest dreams. He is the ultimate over-achiever.

And that "above and beyond" nature of God's gifts has continued to be a golden thread in our relationship, soaring high above us like a banner proclaiming that God is at work here, doing much more than we even realize.

And so it is that on the heels of this two-year anniversary of ours, that I am kicking off a new series on Life Blesssons: Secrets of a Newlywed. (Click to read all the posts from this series.)

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some of these lessons that have opened my eyes, humbled my heart, and purified this relationship of wedded bliss.

I will also open the series up to any other lovely ladies who would like to guest post and share their testimonies of lessons that have enriched and deepened and refined their marriages. (If you're interested, please email me at lifeblessons [at] gmail.com, and I'll pass along some more details in regards to what I'm looking for.)

With only two years down, I look forward to the joy that this relationship will bear in another two years time and two more years after that, until we are holding decades in our hands and as happy as ever!

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  1. Congratulations to your anniversary!!!! God bless you two! Have a lovely day! Nina <3

  2. Happy Anniversary, Carmen!!

    With my wedding day quickly approaching (I'm going to be a wife in 13 weeks!) I am really looking forward to this new series!!

    Have a blessed day!


  3. Awesome! Can't wait - I guess I'm still classified as a newlywed since our 2 year anniversary isn't until October. When does newlywed status END?

  4. Thanks ladies!

    @ Heather - Congrats on your upcoming wedding. You will love married life :) Welcome to the Wives' club!

    @ Rachel - I figure I'll probably call myself a newlywed until around our 5th anniversary or so... Or maybe till we have kids, whichever happens first. I guess that's kinda when you really have to grow up!

  5. Great post, great idea...

    looking forward to reading on...

  6. Happy anniversary! That's so wonderful! :) Loved reading this post... so beautifully said. I'm looking forward to seeing this series! I'm sure it will be a blessing.

  7. I love that verse from Isaiah, and your thoughts behind it - so encouraging to me!


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