The Story of Buying Our House (Part 2)

Continued from yesterday's post. (Please click here to read Part 1: The Story of Buying Our House)

Not only were we surprised to find that we actually liked this house, but it also happened to be the cheapest one we’d looked at yet.

It wasn't anything fancy, but we weren't expecting anything like that anyway. It was a humble ranch starter-home—which we quickly deemed "the log cabin"—that had recently been renovated, updated with all new appliances and furnace. The backyard was filled with a tower of trees that made me feel like I was in the midst of a nature preserve rather than the heart of suburbia.

It all seemed too good to be true, it seemed like there was no way it could actually come together. In the past, we had always been outbid or days too late in coming to the table. Even so, we waited a week before making an offer.

As the days ticked by, I started worrying, What if we missed our chance?! But I quickly caught myself and remembered that God is not consigned to time. If this was the right home for us, the timing would all work out. We needn’t rush into anything in haste. We could trust that God—who cares about our souls and hearts but also, so graciously, even about the littlest things in our lives, like buying a home—would be able to overcome even those circumstances.

We were shocked when they came back and accepted our offer. Even our stipulation that they cover all closing costs and throw in the fancy fridge in the kitchen.

That had never happened before.

So for the first time, we found ourselves in uncharted territory, calling up inspectors, making negotiations and letting the concept sink in: We are buying a house!

As the idea of purchasing this home—for what seemed too good to be true—started to sink in during those first days, so did something else. Anxiety started to worm its way in, twisting and contorting the beautiful possibility that lay before me: What if the house ends up falling apart in a year? What if everything needs to be replaced? What if…?

I soberly recognized that in those thoughts, I was expecting God to pull the rug out from beneath me. That something this good couldn’t be. There had to be a catch somewhere.

But then the Holy Spirit countered and reminded me: That is not the way God works.

And so, I prayed, Lord, let me be pleasantly surprised. Let this house not be something that ends up crushing us under the weight of misfortune. But let it be something that is just one more reminder of His gracious love and mercy, to provide a perfectly good home to his children—no strings or smashing anvils attached.

We walked cautiously into the series of inspections, waiting with bated breath for the results. Each time we were, in fact, pleasantly surprised with the findings. Sure, with a house built in the 1970s, there were plenty of minor fixes and updates that were recommended. But nothing disastrous. Nothing like what I'd feared.

I admit that I was astonished at how God was answering that prayer of mine to be "pleasantly surprised." And as I watched and waited, the anxieties began to melt away as we inched closer and closer to the reality that this would in fact become our home.

We signed the final documents last Friday and are already in the midst of packing up boxes and picking out paint colors as we turn this little homestead into our own.

I can’t wait to show you this home-sweet-home of ours. Until then, we stand in awe at how God's love has been written all over this journey of ours, how he has taken something as simple and as ordinary as buying a house and has used it to remind us of his unfailing love and mercies.

And right in time for Thanksgiving, no less. What timing. We have so much to be grateful for...

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  1. Thank you for reminding me that His timing is perfect!

    It's weird that I was reading my devotions this morning just before I read this post; today's was about the struggles with being human that Jesus felt when He was here on earth. It was about how He prayed and was denied His request (Hebrews 5:7). It was about how we so often think that there might be a better way in our own minds, but we have to remember He knows best and His timing is perfect.

    I love how He encourages me by bringing things at the right time. (What timing!)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Carmen! =D I can't wait to see pictures of your new home.

  2. "As the days ticked by, I started worrying, What if we missed our chance?! But I quickly caught myself and remembered that God is not consigned to time."

    That was just what I needed to hear today. I too have good news just in time for Thanksgiving, I have a new job! But the paperwork is still up in the air because my documentation is under my maiden name and my social security card is under my married name. I need to get a state ID (today, eep!) in order to be officially hired.

    It's so tempting to worry about timing, but it's so relieving to be reminded that God is above all of that. Thank you for sharing what God has taught you, because we all need to learn the same lessons.

  3. How wonderful! God is amazing - we can definitely stand in awe. Congratulations on your new home!

  4. Jackie, that's so true. It's something I've come to appreciate more and more as I've gotten older. I know what I think I want, but I have no idea what I really need. The Lord knows me so much better than I know myself! And I'm so thankful my life is in his hands. That's such a reassuring thing. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

    Elspeth, congrats on the job! That must be such a relief and godsend. I can't wait to hear more about the new job!

    Thanks, Urban Wife! I appreciate it :)

  5. What an awesome story of God's provision! It's so crazy how He brings everything about in His timing- the best timing. It's hard to hear Him say "trust me" or "wait and see" when we're in the midst of something like you trying to find and buy the right home. The results, though, are always so worth it! :) So glad you were able to have that house and I can't wait to see what you do with it. Congratulations and Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  6. I have followed these two posts about your new home… You have gone a long way through it, and you were able to find the best with the help of your husband and faith, so congratulations. I’m a bit late, but I do feel for you and your family, Carmen. Happy living!

  7. Thanks, Armandina! We're loving our house!

  8. Wow! You did great. Congratulations on your new home. Thanks for sharing and keep posting.

    Khear P


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