My Experience Having Ads on My Blog and Using ContextWeb's Advertising Network

Earlier today, I shared about my experience using BlogHer as an advertising network on my blog as a way to make some money off my blog. I also use a secondary ad network in conjunction with that: ContextWeb. Here's more about my experience using their service:

Why I chose ContextWeb to host ads on my blog
After seeing the success of using BlogHer to provide ads on my blog, I decided to look into some other ad networks. BlogHer allows its bloggers to include ads from other networks, as long as those ads are showcased lower down on your site.

I knew I wanted to find an ad network that also pays on a per-view rather than per-click basis. Since I have a Blogger-hosted blog, my options were a bit limited. As I was doing some research, I found another blogger who recommended ContextWeb.

The basics about using ContextWeb to host ads on your blog
The neat thing about ContextWeb is that you actually set your own pay rate (which is a little daunting when you have no idea what your blog is worth!) and if they have a gap in ads, you can set a back-up ad that will show up instead. (For example, if you’re seeing an Amazon or iTunes ad in the lower portion of my sidebar, that’s when there’s a gap.) Plus, they approved my application within a day or two, and they make it pretty easy to set up your ads, as well.

I have been happy with the high-quality ads they've provided for household-name products and services from Kroger to CitiBank. Plus, if anything questionable ever does pop up, they provide easy ways to remove those ads from your advertising queue, although I've not had to do that yet.

Making money with ContextWeb advertisements
I’m still playing around with using ContextWeb and figuring out a good rate to charge, but after a few months of using it, I've been happy with the revenue it's generated. Per ad, I do make more from my BlogHer ads, but since ContextWeb doesn't have limitations on where you can place the ads on your blog, you can include more, which consequently generates more income.

You can get paid a couple different ways, and once your site generates $50, they'll send you a check in the mail. I've received multiple payments from them, so I can vouch that it's a worthwhile advertising network to consider if you have a blog you'd like to try to monetize.

Here are the links if you’re interested in applying to the BlogHer network or the ContextWeb network, both of which I use and can recommend after using each of them for multiple months.

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  1. Great series of posts. I may have to give a couple of ads a try. Can't hurt right?

  2. PS--Are there any rules as to how often you have to post in order to be approved?

  3. That's the same way I look at it, labbie1! You might as well try, since you can opt out at any time.

    As far as rules about posting, ContextWeb does not require that you post a certain amount or frequency. However BlogHer *does* have a threshold; I believe it's at least once a week but you can read their FAQ to find out for sure what the requirement is.

  4. {Carmen, I think the link to BlogHer might be broken... it just brings me to}

  5. Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out, Brittany. I'm changing that right now. But just in case, the link to sign up for BlogHer is:

  6. Thnx fr dis valuable post.I was lukin fr sum ad network fr my baby blogs..tthnx to u.
    U might lik to visit:

  7. Good info Carmen, Today i was searching for my blogger blog ad networks which pays per view and not per click and i saw this. I am going to look at context web and i hope it works out for me too.


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