More Exploring The Beauty in My Backyard, March Edition

When we bought this house in November, it was the interior that sold us. (You can see a sneak-peek at what the house looked like when we first bought it here.) We loved that the outside was filled with tree after tree, but all the leaves had fallen and hidden the rest of the yard beneath a blanket of fallen foliage and pine needles.

So now that the weather is turning and new life is starting to come to this yard of ours, it’s been like a secret garden to see what pops up, what has been lying beneath the surface unbeknownst to us, its new owners and admirers.

Back in February, I spent an afternoon exploring all the natural beauty that was hidden throughout my yard. (You can see photos from that romp around my yard here.)

It’s now more than a month later, and the landscape of our home continues to catch my eye and take my breath away. I wanted to continue documenting how our yard is changing with the seasons, so here are some photos of the newcomers I’ve noticed around the place…

In the post I made of our yard in February, I mentioned that the daffodils were in full bloom and showed some pictures of them and how I brought them inside for decorating our fireplace mantle. Now, that bounty of yellow sunshine has withered away with the warmer days and all that’s left are the telltale stalks of stems:

But where one flower says goodbye, another springs to life. Even though the daffodils are long gone, in their place are some others, like these vibrant numbers:

New bushes are pushing up through the brush:

Leaves budding on the tree branches!

I also noticed these lovely trails of ivy climbing up some trees in our yard:

Doesn’t this little under-the-tree nook look like the perfect place for a fairy to live?

I can’t wait to see what else comes into bloom and unfurls itself in our yard. We also have a forsythia bush that threw out some lovely yellow flowers, but they’d already come and gone before I thought to snap a photo. Oh well, I guess there’s always next year!

Any surprises popping up in your yard?

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  1. I love the mix of color between the brown barren leaves and twigs.
    My backyard sits waiting for a dry day so that I can mow the fast growing lawn. But, the front (which has no lawn to speak of) (we just moved in last May) will be turned into a vegetable garden and so, yesterday I went outside to work on the soil, trim hedges. Along the cement edge I found an inch of green coming up through the soil. Most likely leftover bulbs from last year. I am delighted with the "freebies" or "volunteers" as my Grannie would say.
    Today, we had more frost. I am now waiting for April to plant a few seeds.

  2. Yes, I am delighted by the "freebies" I'm finding in our yard, too! Very exciting as you prep your garden. I think I might try that next year; but for now there's so much else to tend to, I think that's going to have to wait :)


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