Encouragement for the Times When You Want to Give Up Blogging

One comment I've received from a couple of readers who blog is:


You know what? I understand that sentiment all too well. And I think most bloggers—even the most successful of them—have all been at that same point, as well.

They say that most blogs don’t make it to the one-year mark. When I first started out, I read that statistic and made it my goal not to give up before that anniversary.

Because so much of blogging can be discouraging and make you think you’re wasting your time, there are lots of times when I’ve felt like giving up, especially when comments and emails are few and posts are plenty.

But the truth is that every blogger has been there. Most of the rockstar bloggers who are big have been around for a long time and it's taken them years to build up that kind of success. And even though there are some whose blogs have gotten a ton of exposure in a short bit of time, I firmly believe that’s the exception rather than the rule.

The important thing is not to dwell on how many people read Pioneer Woman as opposed to your blog, but to accept that blogging is a process. I am sure there were days when Pioneer Woman herself thought about throwing in the towel. But look where she is now—because she stuck with it.

We have to stop dwelling on the things we can’t control—like how many people visit a blog or leave a comment—and instead deal with the things we can control—like whether we’re writing quality content and taking time to pen compelling stories. You might feel like you don’t want to “waste” good posts if no one’s going to read them, but you shouldn’t look at it that way. Because you can always repost the best ones later, if you want. But when people come, if the best isn’t already there, why would they stick around?

Start now making a blog that you’re proud of, and eventually other people will catch on, too.

And don’t forget that it’s something you can pray about. It may not be full-time ministry, but blogging can affect people’s hearts and souls. So if you’re struggling for inspiration for blog posts, pray about it. Pray for your readers who visit your blog. Pray for ways to get the word out about those posts. The Lord cares about so many things. If your blog matters so much to you, don’t you think it matters to him, too?

This post is part of my Better Blogging series, where I respond to some of the most common questions that I receive about blogging. Feel free to read all of the posts in this series here.

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  1. Love this post :) I definitely have had trouble sticking to the same blog. I tend to feel like I've hit a brick wall 9-10 months in (if not sooner), and a lot of it probably does have to do with blog envy. I also think sometimes people get so caught in up in comments, statistics, and popularity that they forget what their blog was supposed to be about (I know I have before), which can send you into a tailspin of "Why am I doing this?"

  2. Thank you so much for suggest that we pray over our blogs. I consider my blog an outlet for ministry, but was made aware by this post that I do not pray nearly enough about it.

  3. So glad you both enjoyed this post :)

    Rachel, I know that blog envy too much! It can be so hard to fight and keep in check. I've often found I get discouraged about my blog when I get bored and spend a lot of time focusing on how mine doesn't compare to others. That's when I have to remind myself to get off the computer and get crafting :)

    No problem, leelee! I think it's always a good reminder to be praying about everything, even these little blogs of ours :)

  4. Carmen! This post is JUST what I needed to read this morning. Sometimes I get super frustrated by bloggers who just recycle everyone else's content for their own blogs. ("Ooo...look at that great piece of art." "Ohh did you see these shoes by this company?"..."I'm addicted to these printed tea towels by so and so." "Anything in the shame of a geometric gem?! I'll take it...") It seems to me that often times bloggers who do this rise to fame quite quickly. Since blogging for me is not about taking a bunch of other people's photographs, ideas, designs and using them for my content (I'd rather create and post projects of my own, share my own thoughts, etc.) at times I think, if I have nothing coming to mind, I probably shouldn't blog about anything today (this week, this month...). If that's how a blog gains readers (recycling content and not really creating anything), then I think, "Why bother? I'm not willing to do that, so maybe blogging is not for me?"

    "Start making a blog that you're proud of and other people will catch on." Perfect advice. Also...will continue to pray for inspiration from God.

  5. Thank you thank you!!!
    this was beautiful.
    I feel so silly sometimes because I find myself thinking "Give up. NO DONT GIVE UP. YES GIVE UP" I go back and forth all the time, but this entry was beautifully written and SO encouraging! thank you

  6. Alysa, I totally am with you on that. I can get easily turned off by those kinds of blogs, too. But I think there are a LOT of folks just like us out there who want MORE from blogs. And I hope that is encouragement too to keep creating a blog you're proud of!! So glad this post could remind you of that :)

    Hannah, so glad this post touched you and encouraged you. Blogging can be such a sensitive thing, especially when we're putting ourselves out there, that it can be easy to draw and pull away in defeat. But I'm with that inner voice: Do not give up!! :)

  7. Carmen, this was a wonderful post. It's so funny how it didn't even cross my mind to pray about my blog. It's just another way for my small voice to share about my faith (hence my blog name, Live Faithfully) even if I'm just shouting into what feels like empty space. Have a lovely weekend! :)

  8. Wow...this was a fantastic entry...thank you so much..I really needed to read this. I really love the piece of advice about praying...you have given me some food for thought, also about the comment recycling other peoples work and pictures, so true...I have been guilty of this after getting some blog envy and seeing that this is what alot of successful bloggers seem to do, but this post and its comments have inspired me to go back to writing from my own heart and creating my own work, even if it is just one person who reads it, it will be all worthwhile....thank you..:)


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