Learning to Write About the Day-to-Day Things In My Life

It’s a funny thing, being a writer. Because it’s never as simple a task as the title would make it seem.

Just like a doctor has a specialty, there are different niches for each person who takes pen in hand and writes for a living. For me, I’ve always had a knack for writing long non-fiction. I can’t come up with a fiction plot to save my life. And writing choppy, fast-paced news articles or advertising slogans leaves me stumped.

That’s why when I went to college, I majored in magazine writing, where the words can flow poetically and wrap around ideas and images like a silky scarf, being twirled around in the summer breeze before skipping off to the next part of the story.

And even though writing a blog is not the same as writing a magazine article, I’ve noticed that a lot of my writing on here is quite similar to that which I wrote professionally for years: My posts tend to be longer, concentrating on a single subject with some kind of takeaway or lesson-learned nugget for the reader.

Sometimes though, I just wish I could write breezily about nothing at all. I wish I wrote more about my day-to-day life, to capture it on the screen as a keepsake of days gone by for the future. But when I sit down to do it, my mind draws a blank.

How do I write about how I spent my day and make it interesting, instead of just a list of facts? How do I share the beauty of a single moment without forcing it to be longer than it needs to be? It is a challenge for me, needless to say.

But it’s a challenge that I am attempting to overcome. So (hopefully!) you’ll notice more posts that aren’t as how-to oriented or musing on the deeper facets of life, but instead just glimpses into the ordinary aspects of the day-to-day that is my life. To do so, I'm going to try a new tactic, which is to write a post like that with a ten minute deadline. In celebration, this is the first post in this journey to open up my writing even more.

Here's to more to come…

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  1. I enjoyed this post! Writing is so challenging sometimes.

    I'm working on writing a book, of course I don't know if I could write it if it was COMPLETELY fictional, although it would fall under the category of "fiction". It's always so interesting to me to hear about the processes of other writers.

    I too, have trouble writing about my daily life and making it sound interesting. I think I'm really practicing every time I write a blog post :)

  2. Great post. And I love your style... how to & spiritual or deep thought. but i'd love to hear more about the mundane too.

  3. Oh, thanks, ladies! I love that I can be honest here and find such support from all of you :)

  4. You're a beautiful writer, Carmen.
    I appreciate your thoughts on writing that you shared in this post and look forward to seeing the results of your challenge. :)
    P.S. As a fellow magazine major, I can relate!

  5. Aww, you're so sweet, Katie :) Thanks for the words of encouragement. They are so, so much appreciated!!

  6. This sounds great! I'm sure we'll all love it :).

  7. I struggle with the same thing. I often give myself "permission" to just post one picture with a few thoughts to it just to "do it" because it captures that moment, but still there's a struggle to add more, to flesh it out, to bring a full-circle response to that moment.


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