Learning More About Cloth Diapering and Reusable Cloth Wipes; Plus a Giveaway!

I grew up in a household watching my mom safety-pin cloth diapers onto my siblings. Picking through the laundry, those quilted white squares of cloth were just a normal part of our routine. There are plenty of pictures of us where we can be seen crawling around in nothing more than a little white diaper during the dog-days of summer.

Growing up with it as the norm, I always intended to cloth diaper when I had my own children, thanks to both the economic and environmental benefits that came with it. In spite of that, I hadn’t ever given much thought to the idea of what to use to clean up after all those diaper changes. You just use wipes, right?

Well, now that I’m actually in the process of preparing for this little baby of ours, a whole new world has opened up as I’ve been researching everything from diaper bags to cloth diapering. One of the things I discovered is that many parents who chose to cloth-diaper their children also use reusable, cloth wipes. That was brand new to me.

So when the company Blueberry offered to send me some samples of their cloth wipes, I was really interested to see what these were all about. I’d read online about some parents making their own wipes from flannel receiving blankets they’d cut into squares, so I didn’t really know what to expect.

The sets I received from Blueberry, however, are a far cry from a cut-up receiving blanket. If that’s what you are thinking, too, then expect to be impressed. These things are luxurious. They feel like velvet against your skin, which I should know, because I couldn’t stop rubbing them against my cheek they were so soft.

I received a six-pack of their cotton wipes (which come in a variety of colors; I received the purple ones). On the front, the cloths are made of a cotton velour, and they are backed with soft Sherpa, which I imagine will be useful for more heavy-duty cleaning.

Here's a look at the cotton wipes I received:

And here's a close-up shot of both sides of the wipe:

I also received a six-pack of their bamboo and organic cotton wipes, which come in a standard “natural” hue. It’s almost difficult to tell the two sides of these cloths apart, although one side has more of a terry-cloth feel.

Here's a closer look at the bamboo wipes:

And here's a close-up shot of both sides:

The cloths are a rectangular shape, so that they can fit into a standard wipe case, if you like. Plus, they’re quite thick and double-sided, so I expect that you’ll be able to get more use out of each individual cloth than any store-bought disposable. For that reason, the company suggests that you keep at least 24 wipes on hand. Not bad at all!

And, Blueberry is generously sponsoring a giveaway for one Life Blessons reader to also receive one set of both their cotton wipes and bamboo wipes, so that you can try the wipes out for yourself!


To enter to win two sets of reusable cloth baby wipes from Blueberry, please visit their website and then, in one comment, tell me what other products of theirs would you want to try or what other color of wipes (aside from the natural or purple ones that I received) that you like best.

Enter to win by 11:59pm EST on Monday, October 15, and please make sure that I have a way to contact you in case you are selected as the winner. (Winners must be 18+ and live in the USA.)

Find out more about Blueberry and their cloth-diapering products by visiting their website. You can also find them on Facebook.


  1. How neat that your mom cloth diapered your sibs. My mama used cloth on me, and she comments on how the products these days are ingenius! I got diaper pins at first, and they were sooo hard to get through the cloth. Snappis work so much better!
    These wipes are great! I made my own flannel wipes, but they take a few washes to get the softness a baby's bottom deserves. :) I checked out the Blueberry site. Everything looks excellent. I'd have to say though, the diaper sprayer would be nice. Our toilet is very shallow, and when poops are big it takes a couple flushes. (TMI? hah!) Also, the Buggy bags are great. I like natural or teal wipes.

  2. I would love to try the diaper sprayer http://www.blueberrydiapers.com/Products_3/accessories_2/Diaper-Sprayer

    & I think that besides the natural color I'd love the aqua!

    I think it's great you are considering cloth diapering as your mother did. I've recently converted to mama cloth (cloth sanitary napkins) & I've been using family cloth for myself (#1 only) for about a year. I'm very happy with both!

  3. I love the teal!

    I, too, am thinking about cloth diapering so I look forward to hearing more of your take on it!

  4. Blueberry One Size Combination Inserts
    look really interesting, but your wipes would be my first choice

  5. Ooh! I love givaways! I'm a sucker for all things green, so I'd probably love the lime wipes. I gave up on re-usable wipes (probably because I made my own). It might be really fun to try these!


  6. I'd like to try the one size bamboo deluxe diaper. crapinola@yahoo.com

  7. I'd really like to try their Blueberry Coveralls - Hook/Loop diapers (in the Giraffes print!).

    a t l a n t a g a l k n o w s -at- g m a i l . c o m

  8. I would love to try the all-in-one diapers and I love the lime and blue cloth wipes.

  9. I love cloth diapers! We certainly plan on doing so with our own kid(s) someday. I would love to try the All in One Diapers in any of the solid colors.

  10. I love all of the adorable designs on their diapers! I would love to try them out!

    Elizabeth Ashe

  11. I think the Blueberry Deluxe Laundry Bag Totes are pretty neat! I'll email you with my email address, hope that's OK. - plpgrin

  12. I would love to try the wipes in teal!

  13. We're going to use cloth diapers and reusable wipes for our baby. Eventually I'd like to get the diaper sprayer. I like the lime wipes

  14. i'd like to try their snap coveralls

  15. I would love to try their all-in-one cloth diapers! They look like they fit really well.

  16. I would also love their Basix AIO in the giraffes print
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  17. I love the rose-y pink wipes. They look so soft!

    cpatterson77 at yahoo dot com


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