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I mentioned in this week's earlier post that we were able to find out the sex of our baby, who is due this coming February.

I asked you guys what you thought we were having. And it seems like we were all in agreement—that this baby I've been toting around is a boy. Ever since we were first pregnant, we decided against calling the baby an "it" and decided to call him/her a "he." Consequently, I'd begun praying for my son and researching boy names, I even made a pair of felt slipper shoes in boy-ish black.

So when we went in to the ultrasound and they asked if we wanted to know, we said, "Of course!" Completely confident that we already knew.


You should not be surprised to learn that it turns out we were wrong! We are having a little girl:

We were shocked, to say the least. So the ultrasound technician zoomed in on the baby's crotch and took a couple of close-up shots, just to prove it to us. I'll spare you those images!

It's something we have chalked it up to our first reality check in parenting: We are going to make mistakes. So, we just started early! Poor girl. She has no idea what she has gotten herself into!

Anyway, the rest of the ultrasound was really neat. We got to see her literally swimming around and do a somersault on screen. We'll see if that show-off, look-at-me predilection holds up outside the womb or not, which would be so fitting since both of her parents are pretty shy and introverted!

Since then, we've been getting adjusted to the fact that the baby who we once called a "he" is actually a "she." (Which is something that has tickled our family to death; they are excited to have another little girl in the mix and most of them were hoping for a girl!)

Here are just a few of the things I'm looking forward to with this little gem of a girl of mine:
  • CRAFTS. This was the first thing that I thought of when I realized that I will get to have a little girl. I hope she loves crafts as much as I do, because it would be so much fun to have a partner in crime whenever I hit up Hobby Lobby!
  • BBC and PBS made-for-TV shows. I grew up watching Anne of Green Gables with my mom and loved having that rub off on me. I know they'll have to wait until she's older, but I can't wait to bond over Downton Abbey some day!
  • Helping her discover her talents and strengths and to hone her weaknesses. I guess this would be the same for a boy or a girl, but it seems "easier" to me to do so with a girl, though I guess it all depends on the girl!
  • Learning to walk in the Lord as a woman. The Bible is filled with biblical men to provide guidance and role models, but women can sometimes be harder to pin down. I look forward to encouraging her in that search for biblical womanhood and how to live it out, as she flourishes in the ways God has made her.
  • Homemaking. I look forward to teaching her the ways of the home—and roping her in to help! Maybe she'll even get her father's gene for liking to clean!
And of course, many, many more things. We're really getting excited! Can't wait to share as we get closer to bringing this little girl of ours into the world!

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  1. Ok. I am the self-proclaimed, sonogram-interpreter. (((dusts shoulder off))). When I saw the first picture of Lucy, without missing a beat, I said, "She totally looks like you." ((referring to my sister))) and I CALLED IT!!!! She looks SO MUCH LIKE MY SISTER!!!

    With that being said. Carmen. Carmen. Totally YOUR PROFILE. Nose & chin. I'm calling it.

    (((Insert girlish squealing)))


    You need to do a side-by-side comparison. How adorable would that be? I'd "pin" the heck out of that post!

    1. Ha! That's funny, Holly. We've had a couple of people say the exact opposite thing--that she looks just like hubby. But maybe that's because she doesn't have hair yet :)

  2. How awesome! She is beautiful already but of course you know that. :)

  3. HOW CUTE!!!!! i am so happy for you and might i add ur own happiness is so cute too!! lol i look forward to you sharing with us while taking this awesome journey <3

  4. Yay I guessed right! I'm so happy you're having a girl, and now you can buy lots of cute little dresses :-).

    1. Yes! And I find it so funny that so many others (including me!) thought she was a boy. I'm glad you had faith in her!!

  5. You are going to have so much fun with a baby girl!!! Congrats!

  6. I was convinced my first was a boy. That ultrasound was a bit of shock and took a little bit of mental adjustment. And I can't imagine life without her. :)

    1. Ha! That's funny. I'm glad I'm not the only one whose intuition was way off :) But now we're super excited!!

  7. Congratualtions! I love your list of what you are looking forward to do with her. Will cooking be part of the homemaking as well? That would be fabulous!

    1. Yep! I found a whole list online somewhere about kitchen-type skills you can do with kids at each stage, which helps them not only learn cooking but also with things like math and science. So I'm looking forward to intentionally incorporating that for her :)

  8. We had our gender reveal ultrasound last week, and we too were convinced that it was a boy. There hasn't been a baby girl in my husband's family for a least four generations. We were shocked when the ultrasound tech told us it was a girl!!! Everyone is very surprised, but thrilled. :)

  9. A little girl?!?! Congratulations!!! :D


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