Dear Claire: 5 Month Update

(I've been writing monthly updates to my daughter, Claire, documenting all the changes that come with the passing weeks. You can catch up on past letters here.)

Dear Claire,

We are in the midst of packing everything up to move and make Ohio your new home. It is a crazy time in all our lives, but, like the innocent, wide-eyed baby you are, you seem to take no notice of all the changes or towers of boxes, except that your mama is busier than usual tending to all those towers.

Still, you have been a champ these last couple of weeks, entertaining yourself (which typically consists of gnawing on anything and everything in sight). You’ve got the outlines of your two bottom teeth showing through your gums, so I imagine those will be bursting onto the scene any day now, though you haven’t been fussy, so who knows. Maybe you’ll surprise us and not be phased at all with their emergence? You are such an enigma that would not surprise me one bit!

One of the things that I think has kept you fascinated (and distracted) during your playtime is that you’re on the verge (it appears) of learning to crawl. You can get up on your hands and knees (even your tippy-toes!) and are rocking back and forth. You don’t understand how to pick up your hands and knees to make movement, but instead throw your head forward and push off with your feet so that you scoot, little by little, lurch by lurch. I am not sure you do it quite purposefully yet because you’ll end up in an area with no toys and then cry out for help. But I think you have a hunch that that hands-and-knees thing really might come in useful some day…

You’re still occasionally laughing but you’re still a tough nut to crack when it comes to the giggles! We really have to work at it and even then sometimes all we get is a big smile—but no sound. It’s okay though, you’re free and fancy with the grins so we all stay happy!

One other thing that makes you happy: When I sing to you. And I am not someone who can sing. But you (sweet thing that you are) don’t discriminate. Sometimes if I’m tending to dinner and you’re getting bored, you’ll start to protest; all I have to do is start singing to you and you suddenly go quiet. I feel like one of the sirens from Greek mythology how easily you can be entranced by my singing. I did a Bible study once on the Psalms, and the author made an aside about how she thought that maybe singing is the language of heaven because it’s so powerful. Maybe she’s truly on to something…

Otherwise, this month has been a blur. You’re sleeping much, much better during the day but waking up every three hours at night. Growth spurt? Habit? Who knows. I’ve given up trying to dissect it all and, instead, just go with the flow. I’ve found it’s so true that everything changes so quickly with babies; you’ve always resolved your own issues in your own time, so I trust that some time or other, you’ll finally get into that whole “sleeping through the night” business that I hear so much about. But for now, we’ve got lots of other good things going for us, so I won’t complain.

You really have become such a happy, beautiful, fun-loving baby. We had a rough start there at the beginning, but I’m starting to shake off the scars. Because getting to see you blossom as you have has been so wonderful, so healing to all those tearful days and nights. And you know what? I can’t even remember the last time I cried. How far we’ve come my darling. How very far.

Your Mom

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  1. She is too cute! I'm so glad to see you settling in, Carmen. It's really beautiful to read these updates. Thank you for taking the time to write even in the midst of moving.

  2. Carmen, she is just beautiful! My heart rejoices for you that the days of crying & screaming are over. I'm praying you have a smooth transition with the big move and that Claire does well. Thanks for sharing these letters. They've inspired me to write my own to our baby.


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