Dear Claire: 8 Month Update

(I've been writing monthly updates to my daughter, Claire, documenting all the changes that come with the passing weeks. You can catch up on past letters here.)

Dear Claire,

Another month has passed, making you eight months old now!

Right now you:
- LOVE sucking your thumb; anything that crinkles (especially bags and wrappers); shoes (to chew on, of course); crawling into anything that's cave-like; opening and closing things (like the shower door) or turning things on and off (like the kitchen faucet); pulling up and standing on anything that can remotely support your weight (a trashcan will do in a pinch); brushing your teeth (we even have a song I made up to go along with it)
- HATE being restrained, whether it's getting dressed or buckled into your carseat; feeling like you've been left alone or don't have someone within your eyesight

As far as milestones go, this past one wasn't near as exciting as turning six and seven months, when you were learning new skills left and right. This month was more of honing and perfecting those skills. You're still working on the balance thing and bonking your head a few times a day, but we're making progress. I'm also waiting for you to learn more about gravity and edges; you have no fear of falling and so we're constantly on alert, whether it's while you're on the changing table or sitting on the couch.

Regardless of that, you do seem to have a little bit of daredevil in you, which is fun for me. You love to be thrown in the air, twirled around, pulled super fast along the floor, whizzing around. It gives you such a thrill. I can see you now, begging to go on the upside-down rollercoasters someday. And I can't wait to have a rollercoaster buddy!

I am pretty sure that you now are learning that your name is Claire. If I call it out, (about half the time) you will stop and look to me (almost always with a smile!). This has also made it a little easier for me to keep you from getting into things that you aren't supposed to. And I think you've also started to learn my name now, too! I swear you crawl up to me and say, "mama mama ma," when you really need something (food or sleep, usually).

Along with that, you're experimenting more and more with learning how to talk yourself. You've always been vocal (and loud!) but lately you've been playing with how to make lots of other sounds. You can roll your "R"s and "B"s and have been playing with how to make your lips making popping sounds. You love to be bounced and vibrated so that you can hear your voice trill; the other week we had a lunch at church and the pastor was holding you when he discovered this and subsequently was showing your impressive "party trick" off to everyone. If you end up beatboxing someday, I'll know where you got your start!

But you're a real delight and fun to play with. Your daddy can get you to laugh like nothing else. You're my little extrovert, loving to be out and about, making friends, earning smiles left and right. I try to take you out somewhere once a day, because I think you love the change of scenery and all the new sights and sounds fascinate you. Like your name stands for, you really do brighten up our lives. You love being with people and your enthusiasm brings such happiness. As an introvert, that is truly a beautiful trait to me. It's such a simple thing, really, but this world needs more of it. Which is why God made you. And I'm glad he did, and that he gave you to me to get to raise. Here's to another month of that!



  1. Evan loves shoes too! Haha. I asked him the other day if he's going to be a shoe salesman.

  2. That totally made me laugh! Of course the caveat is that Claire only likes to play with them--not yet wear them. So for now we're sticking with socks that look like shoes to stay on her feet. Silly kids!!


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