Making This Thing Work: 5 Minutes of Motherhood

Right now, my daughter is sitting outside in her walker, watching her uncle blow the golden-hued leaves that have collected on the grass into a giant pile. The blower is whizzing loudly and she is watching in awe as the leaves flip and fly and tumble and fall down into place. She is squealing and playing happily by her lonesome.

And I have brought my laptop and sit perched on the edge of the driveway so that, while she’s entertained (and contained), I can get things done. It is one of the secrets I’ve developed already to make multitasking work.

I’m not sure there’s anything particularly deep or memorable about this moment, except that we are learning to make this parenting process work, with tricks up our sleeve and moments stolen here and there so that we’re all happy and healthy at the end of the day.

She throws her head back with a yip as she watches the leaves dance. I smile back at her and type a little more.

These days of motherhood are consuming and taking the time to blog can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle of it all. But these days of motherhood are also fleeting and I don’t want to let them slip by. And so this series of posts, Five Minutes of Motherhood, are my attempts to capture some of these moments—whether poignant or not—in the short spurts of time available to me these days: a time-limit of five minutes. That way the moment gets memorialized and then I can get back to life—back to motherhood. Click here to read all the posts in the Five Minutes of Motherhood series.


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