Getting a Pep Talk from God

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The other day, I was reading about Abraham, back when he was just "Abram." God had already told him once all about the promised land and that he'd get to finally have a child to carry on his name. Abram believes God and leaves the land he's known and sets out to where God will show him. As he's traveling, he runs into a few bumps along the way: Almost loses his wife in Egypt and then has to split off from his nephew because there's not enough land for them both to settle on.

It's here that I noticed something: God came back again and encouraged Abram, telling him again that he's going to be blessed with more land and more descendants than he can fathom. The thing is, God already told him this once--and because it's the God of the Universe making this promise, once ought to be enough. But usually, because we're prone to fear and anxiety and uncertainty, we often need an extra push to keep us going, to keep us fighting for the goal ahead.

And I've seen it in my own life that God gives me grace in this area. Though "once ought to be enough," he is kind and generous and full of grace and love to come back and encourage me once, twice, three times and on again, as I need it. It's like a tiny little pep talk that reawakens my heart to believe, "Yes, everything's going to be OK! Yes, it's going to all be redeemed! Yes, I trust and believe!"

Immediately the father cried out [to Jesus], "I do believe! Help me believe more!"
- Mark 9:24


  1. So true Carmen! I seem to need a lot of encouragement, and it always comes right on time!!! Praise God!


  2. Thank you so much for the reminder. I am struggling with this at the moment and in desperate need of encouragement!

  3. i love your picture. nick and i want to visit there someday!

  4. So glad this was able to be an encouraging reminder!

  5. Haha, I think that would be quite an interesting place to visit, Jessica. I think Michael and I first learned about Salvation Mountain in the "Into the Wild" movie, of all places!!

  6. Amen! I love your tag line on this blog. It's so true


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