Turning Down the Job: And Lessons I Learned About Marriage

I wrote yesterday's post on Monday night, hours after I'd received a job offer and had less than 24 hours to decide on my answer. 'Yes' or 'No.' It seems easy enough, but I've always struggled with indecision--from which restaurant to eat at to which pair of jeans to wear out. This decision had much greater ramifications, and so it was a struggle I wrestled through with tears.

As you might guess, in the end, Michael and I decided our answer was, 'No.'

Fortunately, for Michael, the decision was not nearly as difficult to make as it was for me. He looked at in on paper and saw that the benefits did not match up and that it wasn't something I was excited about, and so he had his answer. Me, on the other hand, I wondered about "What if this is our only option?" "What will we do?" and about how the company would take it, what would people think, etc.

This is one of the things I love about marriage. As I was weak in this moment, fretting and crying and worrying myself over and over again, Michael was strong and confident. Even though I wasn't sure in my own decision or opinion, I could lean on his wisdom. "Everything is going to be okay," he would promise me. "It's all going to be okay." With those words, with that confidence that this one decision wouldn't ruin our lives forever, he was able to soothe me.

And the next morning, he prayed over me and then I picked up the phone and told them that unfortunately we had to decline the offer. Though it was a very hard decision to make on the one hand (not knowing what will come next), it was a beautiful moment in our marriage, as I learn more and more every day to trust this man with my heart, my life and our future. I know that he meant it when he vowed to me, "I promise you my love."

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  1. So proud of you both! What a beautiful foundation you are laying for your marriage!

  2. Aw thanks, Jenni! I owe you a lot; you did a great job raising my husband!!

  3. um, you made me cry....lol

  4. Congrats on making a difficult decision. And your Mr. sounds awesome.

  5. Aw thanks, Lindsay! I would have to agree :)

  6. I've ben reading backwards from your most recent post and I am amazed, amazed, amazed that I found this today. I turned down a job yesterday and I really, really needed this post in my life. Thank you!


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