27 things to do while I'm 27: My goals for the coming year

Last Wednesday, on the night before I turned 27, I decided to come up with a list of goals for this coming year: "27 things to do while I’m 27."

I’ve never made a list like this before, but thought it might be good to keep in the back of my head so that when I say, “Oh we should do that!” there’s a bit more accountability to actually do it rather than let it fall to the wayside like so many great ideas and good intentions.

So, in absolutely no particular order, my 27 for 27 list:
  1. Go camping. { Update }
  2. Buy more locally grown food. { Update }
  3. Continue trying new recipes and learning to make things from scratch. { Update }
  4. Get a blog layout I like (which likely translates to another goal: Learn more HTML/CSS). { Update }
  5. Go swimming. { Update }
  6. Continue learning how to respect and honor my husband and strive to be: “A wife of noble character is her husband's crown.” (Proverbs 12:4) { Update }
  7. Memorize more Scripture { Update }
  8. Do something with the blank wall in my kitchen. (Perhaps paint something?!) { Update }
  9. Continue learning to guard against negativity and what I say.
  10. Blog every week.
  11. Cultivate a more generous and hospitable spirit toward others. (Maybe throw a party?) { Update }
  12. Go thrift shopping / antiquing! (It’s been too long!) { Update }
  13. Undertake a new craft. { Update }
  14. Keep in touch with friends in Ohio and Michigan. (I'm not too fond of the phone, so too often I lose track of time and it's been months since I've talked to my nearest and dearest!)
  15. (Of course make trips back to Ohio, but that’s a given, isn’t it?) { Update }
  16. Watch a sunset with Michael.
  17. Have a photoshoot! { Update }
  18. Spend less time at my computer.
  19. Take as many walks outside as possible. { Update }
  20. Use my crock pot more. { Update }
  21. Get my laptop screen fixed.
  22. Keep up daily quiet times and Bible readings. { Update }
  23. Win a vacation. (I’m a sucker for those contests where they promise you the world--literally! One of these days...!)
  24. Take picnics! { Update }
  25. Stop picking my cuticles. (Completely unattractive habit.) { Update }
  26. Plan a date for Michael. (He deserves it!)
  27. Go to a ballgame or other outdoorsy event this summer. { Update }
Monthly Updates on My Goals for This Year
As I make my way through the year, I'll share the progress I'm making on these 27 goals of mine.

Here's how I've been doing so far during the months of
April, May (Part 1Part 2), June, July, August, September, October.

{ photo }


    1. We should take a long weekend, meet half way and help you knock out number 12. :) What's in between Cincinnati and Atlanta? Also, I struggle A LOT with number 4. That's on my list of 'things' to do as well! Love/Miss!

    2. Ohh, great idea, Holls! I'll do some research about the road trip. I would ADORE that!!

    3. I love your list, what a great goals to have!

    4. Thanks so much, Emily. Now the real part starts when I have to actually start doing these things. But I love a good challenge!!

    5. Oh this is a great idea! I'm making one for the upcoming year, and I'm having fun coming up with ideas for goals and activities.


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