We're officially a one-car family.

Well, it's official. We are now a one-car family.

Even up to now, we've mostly used my Honda Civic (the infamous one that was broken into in our parking lot), since my husband bikes to school and I work from home. There's not the greatest need for two vehicles except when we need to haul something or both want to run errands.

So the other week, the clutch went out on my husband's truck. We took it to the shop who estimated the repairs to run between $1,200 to $1,600.

With nearly 200,000 miles on his truck, we decided it was time to cut our losses while we were ahead, rather than gamble that more things won't start breaking down on the truck and cost even more money. We were able to sell the truck to a worker there for $100, but will save even more on car insurance, tag registration fees, upkeep, etc.

We're going to try to live with one vehicle as long as possible until it's completely inconvenient to do so. Fortunately, I just got word the other day that my freelance job will last through summer, which is an incredible blessing! My husband graduates in May and will start looking for a job, so even then we should be fine. It's only when we both have outside full-time jobs that we'll need to start looking for another vehicle, presuming that our workplaces aren't near each other.

And while we wait, we'll stash the saved money in a car fund--either to use for repairs on the Civic or to use for when we do need to add another to our name. For now, we're choosing to consider this a blessing rather than a liability, and praise God "whether we win or lose."

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  1. that's awesome that you get to work at home longer! We love being a one car family. It's a bit inconvenient sometimes, but it's just much simpler.

  2. Yes, I'm pumped :) I didn't know you guys did the 1-car thing, too. I'm looking forward to it and seeing how long we can make this last!

  3. Great news about the job! We've been a one car family for six years now and it's great.

  4. Six years! That's awesome and very encouraging. It seems like I'm finding out more and more how *not* weird it is for both of us not to have our own vehicle (as if sharing a car is like sharing a toothbrush or something!). It can seem kind of intimidating at first with all the "what ifs" but we haven't really noticed yet at all. Thanks!


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