Our Kitchen Nook

Last week I showed a little peek into our kitchen with the pictures of our makeshift art gallery on the wall above the sink. I figured it was time to unveil a bit more from this room and share our cozy little kitchen nook!  (Also, because I got a new tablecloth that I wanted to show off!)

Without a dining room, we set up our round table in this little corner of the kitchen (catty-corner from the little art gallery). This has worked out really well for us because there's gobs of sunshine that streams in through these windows and so it makes a really comfy place to take some work or do a little sudoku puzzle while I'm waiting on water to boil or something like that. Plus, now that it's springtime, it's so awesome to be able to look out the window and watch the squirrel build her nest or pay attention to the different kinds of birds that frequent the neighborhood, from cardinals to even a hawk. (Watch out, baby squirrels!)

Anyway, I picked up this a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e avian-spangled tablecloth recently, which ties in with the mustard-yellow of our chairs perfectly.

Then, while cleaning out some folders, I came across this printed envelope that I'd picked up during my days at HOW magazine from the lettering artist and illustrator Elvis Swift (see up-close photo below). I'd held onto it because I loved the beautiful calligraphy, but then when I actually took time to read it, I realized the passage was actually Ecclesiastes 3:11 ("He has made everything beautiful in its time..."). My favorite verse! So I decided to frame it, which now means that this verse decorates three places throughout our home now: Here, here, and here!

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  1. of course I love the tablecloth. I can't foresee it, but I know there must come a time when we get tired of birds everywhere... or maybe not :)

  2. Ha! It's sad to think that someday the bird craze will be right up there with splatter paint or neon colors, which is a sad, sad thought!

    I've been dressing & decorating in them for at least 5 years now, so I'm hoping that that is never the case :) Even if everyone else gives up on them, I hope I don't!

  3. What a neat and cozy spot. I'll sit right there in the sunshine and share a cup of coffee!
    Thanks for coming to our linky party... everyfriday we'll share our favorites.

  4. Lovely, Carmen! And I almost bought that tablecloth! (I have birds here and there throughout my apartment.) :) I have a hard time resisting anything that has a bird (or two or three) on it. ;-)


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