My Monday To-Do List

Inspired by Frugral Trenches and her weekly "Must Get Things Done Monday" list, here's what's on my to-do list for today, which will likely spill over into tomorrow and perhaps the next day!

  • Go to credit union to deposit paycheck
  • Stop by post office to mail package
  • Write press release for work
  • Flesh out some ideas for new blog posts (I usually write a bunch at once, and then post them over a few days)
  • Quiet time with Bible and prayer
  • Reading in "Love and Respect"
  • Shower (and use my homemade shampoo!)
  • Order new craft project from Amazon with Swagbucks I've saved up (more about this creative endeavor later!)
  • Look into ordering new toaster (Michael noticed a spark shoot out recently) and coffee grinder (for our anniversary, we got a Chemex coffee maker and now Michael would like to go gourmet and grind our own beans!)
  • Cook batches of dried black beans and dried chickpeas
  • Run by grocery stores to stock up on fruits / veggies / bread and pick up ingredients for some new recipes I want to try, including one for homemade granola bars that I got from my mother-in-law and a recipe for homemade chocolate pudding pops that I found online
  • Take a walk outside when it gets a little cooler
  • Drop prescription off at pharmacy
  • Drop recyclables off at Whole Foods (we don't have recycling at our apartment building, but the Whole Foods down the street provides a free drop-off that will take all recyclables, including glass, plastic, paper, etc.)
  • Maybe stop by Staples (right next to Whole Foods) to pick up some more computer paper (it's on sale this week for $1 with a mail-in rebate)
Anything exciting on your to-do list for today?

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