Psalms Bible Study Review

I am thrilled to share with you another book review from my husband, Michael. He is reviewing a Bible study on the Psalms that can be done individually or in small-group settings. Enjoy!

Psalms is a part of the LifeChange Series of Bible studies that explores different books of the Bible. The Bible study divides the Psalms into ten different topics or categories, such as prayers of worship and praise, prayers of confession and acknowledgment, and so forth. Each section explores one of these themes and chooses a single Psalm from it to look at for study. 

As readers are walked through these individual Psalms, the study provides 12 to 20 questions to help them reflect on the Psalm and apply it to their own lives. Though each section only looks at a single Psalm (and the study itself explores only ten of the 150 total Psalms), this set-up provides readers with an understanding of how to study each Psalm, although, admittedly there is little depth to the questions and are likely geared toward those who are new to Bible study.

The study also includes a listing all of the Psalms that fall into each specific category, which could be the most helpful part of the study guide: a way to divide up and read the Psalms on one’s own, based on category.

While the study has its merits, particularly for those who are new to Bible study, I felt that it failed to deliver the promise of, “A life-changing encounter with God’s Word…,” as the subtitle reads. Because it is very brief and, to use the cliché “an inch deep and mile wide,” I think it’s probably “a pass” for the more seasoned Bible readers who are looking for an in-depth study of the Psalms.

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