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UPDATE: I've started responding to some of your questions in a new Q&A series.
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One of the things I like best about blogging is the back-and-forth that happens between me and those who read this little blog of mine. Occasionally I've received a few comments and emails asking more about a specific topic I've blogged on, my experience regarding different situations, or blogging advice.

Normally, I just write back directly, answering these questions as best I can. But I thought that perhaps more people could benefit from the questions asked and my attempts to answer them.

So I wanted to officially invite any questions you might have—whether it's follow-up regarding anything I've written about in the past, situations or advice, or your general blogging questions. Then, in the coming weeks, I'll start to answer them in regular blog posts.

Feel free to ask your questions anonymously if you like; there's an option in the comments below to post anonymously or you can privately send me a question anonymously via my email form (just type "anonymous" and "" into the name and email fields). If you'd like your name/blog associated with your questions, that's fine, too! Just let me know and I'll happily include that attribution.

I'm looking forward to the questions you all have up your sleeves and appreciate you taking the time to send them my way!

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  1. What is your stance on tatoos and the religious taboo associated with them?

  2. Great! Thanks for submitting a question! Feel free to submit as many as you like. I'm looking forward to answering them!

  3. You may have seen this coming...

    How do you create your blog banners, layouts, text (fonts). etc?

  4. Are you growing your hair long? He, he...had to ask. Your picture is so cute!

  5. @ Tamara - Awesome! I'm already working on a response! Thanks for submitting your question :)

    @ Jenni - Haha, no not growing my hair out. That photo is actually a couple of years old... I just couldn't resist using it because that the yellow sweater tied in so well with my blog color scheme!

  6. Hi Carmen:
    I also want to know about the fonts! I really like the corkboard travel map you made, and I think some of the fonts you used there are your blog's fonts. Looking forward for the post. I also would like to know your decorating plans for Christmas. Thank you for your blog!:)

  7. Awesome! Thanks for your questions, Beatriz. I'll definitely answer both of them in the next couple of weeks!

  8. Ohhh...I am trying to think of a really really good question...but I'm just absolutely stumped! I think a "Things I love about Atlanta" post would be neat. How about, "What advice do you have for other newly-weds?" or a "Dear Future Me" letter....or a "Dear PAST me Letter" or a "Letter to my future kids" Post. Man, the ideas are coming. And yea, I realize none of my "questions" were ACTUALLY QUESTIONS. See? Told you I was stumped. ;)

  9. Do you also make your own hair conditioner?


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