Recipes Ready for Fall

With autumn upon us, I thought it was time to dig back through my archives here and share some of my favorite oldies but goodies fit for the fall. I'll also share some new ones in the coming weeks, but for now, enjoy!

Recipes Ready for Fall

 •  Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili
 •  Maple-Walnut Chicken
 •  Black Bean Burgers
 •  Chicken Burgers
 •  No-Fail Brown Rice

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  1. They sounds yummy. I'd love it if you did a tutorial on how to customize your blogger. You are easy to read and explain so well. Just a thought. :)

  2. Oh, thanks, Tamara! I think I'm going to host a Q&A soon, because I've been getting a bunch of blog-design questions lately, and I think perhaps many others are probably thinking the same thing, including you! Thanks again, and I hope to get that started soon!


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