New Music-Listening Tool I've Been Using Lately

My husband (the one who introduces me to all things musical in our marriage) introduced me to this handy new site / download / application. (Not sure what you’d call it exactly.) Except to say that I think it’s awesome.

It’s called Spotify, and you download it onto your computer. Then, open it up and type in any artist. Their albums will pop up and you just click on the album or the song and stream them while you listen. (You can even look listen to my husband’s EP, just search for “Still I Believe.”)

It’s like a personal radio and I like it better than Pandora because you pick the songs, not them. I’ve used it to listen to a bunch of new bands lately or artists I’d heard of but not really dug into. Right now, I’m bopping along to the new-to-me band All Sons & Daughters that I saw in a banner ad on Relevant’s site. Really enjoying them. (If you need other suggestions, check out this post I made with 5 of my favorite good-for-your-soul songs.)

I just downloaded the free version, so there are a couple of ads plugged in every few songs or so. But it’s not too bad. If you want to sign up, you have to get invited. However, the website HITS Daily Double has a link here (scroll way down to #6) and you can get a subscription without a hassle. Pretty sweet. Try it and see for yourself.

Any new band recommendations to pass along?

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  1. You should also try grooveshark. It has a radio option, but you can also favorite songs and make your own playlists. It's pretty great.

  2. Awesome! This is really cool. I use Google Music and Pandora (which is great for finding new artists but not so much when you want to listen to someone specific or hear more from them). I'll have to try Spotify out.

  3. @ Laura - Thanks for the recommendation. I've never heard of grooveshark before. All the things I learn on here :)

    @ Rachel - Never knew Google had a music thing, either. But can't say I'm surprised, they seem to have something for everything!


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