Blog Housekeeping Update: New Navigation Menu for Easier Browsing

Just a quick note to let you know that earlier this week I did a little cleaning around the blog, which included adding a new navigation bar along the top with (oh la la) a drop-down menus for different categories.

So now, if you want to dig into all the posts I've written about, say my marriage, you can hover over the "Love + Marriage" tab and a few different options will pop up, one of which will take you to posts about my marriage or posts that record the little whirlwind love story between my husband and I.

Other categories include posts about my life, my faith, my home, stuff I've made and a hearty helping of miscellaneous items from blogging tips to what I've read recently. If you want to go exploring through them, just visit the homepage and click around to your heart's desire!

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  1. Love the new look of the blog Carmen! Wish I had your skills :)

  2. I'm with Chelsea ~ I wish I had your skills, too! :) This looks great!!


  3. Oh, thanks so much for the kind words, ladies! Really, it's all pretty much from a class during high school and a whole lotta trial and error :)

  4. I'm for one IMPRESSED. And of course, your site is lovely. The drop downs are extremely user friendly and brings your blog to whole new level.

    Will you ever do a tutorial on how to create drop downs? Because you give the best tutorials. If not drop down tutorials...more tutorials! Haha...


  5. I agree with Tamara! Will you please consider doing a tutorial on how to create drop downs? You DO make the best tutorials. :)

  6. @ Tamara and Whitney - Ha! Thanks for your comment and kind words, but I must have you fooled because I can assure you I don't know enough to do a tutorial of my own! All I know how to do is follow directions on someone else's tutorial :)

    If you're interested, here's a link to the tutorial I did use ( although I would warn you that it involves a lot of HTML tinkering if you do try it. I'd recommend setting up a test blog where you can get it how you want before trying it directly on your own blog. Another thing I noticed about this tutorial is that when I copy-and-pasted the html, all the quote marks [ " " ] were curly instead of straight-up-and-down. If they're curly, then you'll have to do a find-and-replace for the code to work correctly. I had to do that and then it was just a matter of changing colors and the font. But that tutorial also includes a little link that will pop up a picture that explains what each part of the HTML code corresponds to, which I found uber helpful.

    Not for the HTML-faint of heart, but it gets the job done :)

  7. How is the world do you manage to do all this on Blogger?

  8. Ha, thanks Annie. It takes a lot of trial and error, but it is doable!


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