The Beauty Within My Own Backyard

Now that it has been warming up outside, I've started spending more time getting to know this new yard of mine. (We bought a new house in November. Read more about that here and see sneak-peeks of the interior when we first bought it here.)

The other day, I walked around the yard, looking closely at all the flora and fauna tucked into the yard's nooks and crannies. And I found myself in awe at all the surprises that I found as I wandered and looked closely at my new stomping grounds.

With camera in hand, I snapped some photos of the things I found as spring creeps into this yard of ours.

Here are some of the jewels that caught my eye:

And of course, I couldn't resist bringing some of that beauty indoors:

I can't wait for the rest of springtime to unfurl and see what changes the warmer weather brings to this yard of ours.

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  1. B-E-A-U-TIFUL!! Love all of the nature and also how you set up your mantel! :)

  2. What fun! Good for you for bringing them in. I don't know anything about flowers, really, but I do believe in the power of fresh flowers to liven up the mood of a house! (I couldn't see the picture, just fyi.)

  3. Beautiful sunset! The backyard of our rental house isn't nearly as nice (you can see the drive-through of both Burger King and Subway!) but now I'm inspired to go look for the hidden beauty.

  4. I cannot believe daffodils are blooming down there!!!
    Your mantle is lovely.

  5. Such beauty! Looks like an amazing backyard and those daffodils are perfectly bright.

  6. Oh, wow. You had me at that sunset forest and the milk glass vases full of daffodils. Some day, when I have a house, a fireplace is going to be a must!

  7. Thanks, ladies! It's been fun to intentionally explore our yard and see all the surprises hidden in it.

    Abigail, I also love just being able to SMELL fresh flowers. So much better than a scented candle any day! And sometimes you have to refresh the page to show all the photos. Not sure why but I've had to do that, too :/

    Amanda, haha! We definitely have had our share of lovely views, including a blank brick wall out our bedroom window! I've never lived somewhere with so much nature all around. I'm relishing it!

    Susanne, I know! I'm afraid that it might turn too cold for them, soon. But so far, they've been flourishing. Being from Ohio, this is crazy to me. But I'll take springtime sooner any day :)

    Urban Wife, I've had to restrain myself from cutting more and more daffodils. After a long winter, I can barely get enough!

    Em, we still haven't put the fireplace to use yet, but hope to sometime!


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