A Discovery of Different Tastes

When my friend Holly and I got an apartment together, I remember she wanted to know what foods I liked, which I hated, what my favorites were, what I never tried. Ever the hostess (we once threw a '50s-themed "Playing House" party where we served pancakes and wore aprons!), she was sensitive to my preferences and tastebuds and took the time to discover what I liked (besides club sandwiches, of course).

As it would turn out, I should have taken better notes from my dear friend. Those thoughts never seem to cross my mind--not then, not now.

For instance. Michael and I had been married for about six months before I found out he really likes sushi. He had stopped by the grocery store to pick up some items for us and came back with a little package of pre-made rolls. "You like sushi? I had no idea you liked sushi..."

Then the other day, I came across a simple, mayo-less recipe for tuna salad and decided to try it. I don't know that I've ever been one for tuna salad before. I whipped up a batch for lunch, which Michael discovered later that night. I told him there were crackers in the pantry, which he dug out and dipped in. Then he made a sandwich with it. Then he finished the rest of the batch off the next day for lunch. I had no idea he liked tuna salad, no idea at all!

The thing is, I usually just assume that people like the same things as I do. Well I don't like sushi. Eh, tuna salad is OK. I don't stop to sit down, pick their mind about their palate. At 27, I'm still learning these kinds of lessons, which sometimes seem so fundamental and yet so a-part-of-the-process, better-now-than-never. I think tonight I'll play 20-questions with Michael and see what else I discover about his food favorites.

{ photo by stitch }

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  1. this is so funny, I always assume that Nick doesn't like things that he really does. Which I know he likes after 4 years of marriage, I just forget and then say "I thought you didn't like coconut" then he says, "why would you think that, I've always liked coconut." Variations on the this conversation happen in our house all the time!

  2. :) After 5 yrs of marriage I am still discovering new foods he likes/doesn't like that I had NO idea about!!

    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment. It was encouraging!

  3. It seems that both me and my fiancee like all things FRIED and FATTENING. Too bad we don't share the same adoration for apples and green beans.

  4. Haha, I totally hear you, although for me it's sugar, sugar and sugar! I try my hardest to balance it out though :) Not quite sure how successful it's been!


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