Making Popcorn Without a Microwave

Pop. Pop. Pop!

That’s the sound you’ll hear sometimes when you walk into our kitchen in the evenings. Thanks to my new foray into making popcorn on the stove, old-school style. Honestly, having given it a try (and it is so easy) I don’t know why we ever veered away from this and latched onto microwaving little bags.

Here’s why I’m happy to kick the microwavable bags to the curb: First of all, we have a tinier-than-usual microwave that is great for everything we need...except when it comes to those darned bags, because when they expand they get stuck in one spot and then some kernels on the bottom end up getting burned. Plus there’s some controversy (I think) about the microwavable bags having some chemical in them that’s not great for you.

But going sans microwave, it almost feels like a science experiment! All you need are the kernels (which you can get for about a dollar or two), some olive oil to pour into a sauce pan and coat the bottom of it, and the aforementioned sauce pan and its lid. Add the kernels to the pot (¼ a cup will provide plenty for two tummies), put the lid on top and (assuming you have a glass lid like we do) watch the magic happen as the little guys burst into popcorn.

Obviously going this route will mean that you would have to add your own salt or butter, but at least then you can personalize it however you want. I’ve also heard of people making their own kettle-corn popcorn, but I haven’t tried that out myself.

And within minutes, we’re all set for movie night (and still whittling down the Netflix recommendations you all were kind enough to suggest)!

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  1. I agree with you that this old way of cooking popcorn is really interesting. It calls for hardwok and patience and in the end, you'll enjoy the fruit of your labor.

  2. Thanks! Yes, and really I don't even think it's much more difficult to make popcorn this way. Just a little measuring but that's part of the fun of it. Enjoy!

  3. haven't tried making popcorn. yes, i'm not cool hehe..but movie-going wouldn't be complete without it.

  4. Love it! Growing up, my mom almost always made popcorn this way and it was one of the first things I learned how to "cook". I usually put 2 or 3 kernels in the bottom of the pan (in the oil) and when they pop I know it's hot enough and add the rest. And keep shaking so that the ones on the bottom don't burn :)

  5. You're totally right! The bag of kernels also recommended only putting a couple in at first, so I also do that, but forgot to include it in my instructions. Thanks for the reminder!!

  6. I don't make popcorn in the microwave anymore. Ever since I found out how to make it on the stop I buy my own kernels and just go to it. I think it is much more delicious that way.


    Hannah Katy

  7. I've made popcron this way all my life, the microwave is nasty. ;)

  8. My husband the he "cornpopper King" in our house! First he does the 3 kernels in the in the olive oil to make sure the pot is hot enough. But he says that the pot he uses is what makes it the best. It's an old really thick aluminum pot with cover of course. It retains the heat and doesn't burn the popped corn. Yes, you do need to shake it some while it is popping.


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