My Thrift-Store Outfit Featured at "Thrifty Threads"

I'm honored to let you know that my thrifty sense of style has been featured on "My Year Without Spending." Every week, Angela shares an outfit that has been thrifted, as a way to encourage readers to look to alternative means for adding to your wardrobe. (In fact, she's committed to not buying anything new if at all possible, and Angela's blog is an exploration of her journey living that out.) The summer-y outfit I'm modeling was one for church, since Michael and I have taken to walking to church each week now that the weather's nice. And because I love scouring thrift and antique stores, most of the outfit is thrifted.

Anyway, go check out my little cameo in her series "Thrifty Threads," and let me know what you think!

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  1. Carmen- how fun! :) I never thought of "thrifting" as "going green," but I suppose it is. That makes it even MORE fun! Congrats on the shout out on "Thrifty Threads!" Super cute. I miss you! We have to catch up...everytime I think about calling, I am in the car on my way to run errands or fixing dinner or this hardwood flooring project has been all-consuming! Blech! We'll talk soon, my love!!!!


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