Shopping Guide: Inspired by Camping

Growing up, Memorial Day was always a milestone, marking the official kick-off into summer. Passing through Memorial Day meant being able to wear shorts to school (past your fingertips of course), the opening of swimming pools, and the countdown to the end of another school year.

So, in celebration of making it to another Memorial Day, as well as our camping experience being featured in an article in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution, I decided for fun to pull together a little visual ode to one of summer's great mainstays: camping. Even if I'm not the fondest of camping itself, I've always had a thing or two for the images it conjures up in my head--the great outdoors, woodland creatures, kitsch and tons of plaid in bright colors. Enjoy this inspiration board of camping-inspired paraphernalia as you finish off this Memorial Day weekend. (Scroll down for product links.)
1. Red plaid sleeveless button-up
2. Screenprinted dish towels that say "Tidy Up" and "Eat Local"
3. Deer necklace
4. Green checkered melamine plates
5. Mushroom salt-and-pepper shakers
6. Black checkered tank top
7. & 8. Antique-looking framed owl paintings
9. Deer coin purse
10. Squirrel painting on wood
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