An Update on the Job Search

A few weeks ago, I shared that I got news that my freelance job will soon be coming to an end. I posted that once the job had officially been posted online and they were accepting applications to replace my position, since they wanted someone to work in-house and I currently live 800 miles away.

Since then, I've been diligently scouting out and applying to various professional jobs that require a writer or editor. Most of these jobs have been for corporate positions, including for Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army and Home Depot, which all have corporate headquarters in Atlanta. There have also been some small boutique agencies and educational institutions with promising openings.

So far, I haven't heard back from any of them, just yet.

At other times in my life, I've sent dozens upon dozens of resumes and applications to any and all positions that just might be a possibility. I figured, "Why not?" and shot off as many applications as I could manage. Can you guess what happened next? Nothing.

It was the times when I sat down, took the time and invested in crafting up a personalized cover letter (rather than simply cutting and pasting from old versions), that I was most apt to get an interview and, oftentimes, a job offer. (Of all the in-person interviews I've had in my entire life, I've only not gotten the job once. So the problem clearly is getting in the door in the first place.)

As I've considered jobs to apply for, I've made sure to only apply for ones that I think I am well qualified for and that I think there's a decent chance I'd enjoy. (I'm well aware that a job is a job, so I don't have any expectations that I'm going to be paid to have the best time of my life or feel completely fulfilled. But there are definitely some jobs that are better than other and that I can just tell aren't a good fit for my personality.)

The update, essentially, is that the job application process continues on and we wait to hear what comes next. I still don't have any news about how filling my old job position is going. All I know for now is that, today, I have a job, and my husband has his part-time job at Starbucks. (Which he is loving by the way!)

What happens next, we don't know. But for now, that's OK, because we're fine. Of course it would be nice to know all the answers and know for certain and when everything is going to work out. But I know that "each day has enough troubles of its own," and "tomorrow will worry about itself."

For now, we wait and trust and "look forward to the future with joy"...

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  1. This season can be so stressful. But glad you are leaving it up to God and fully trusting Him. :)
    I seriously wish I knew you in real life! Your blog is so cute and you are the kind of woman of God who I would so look up to if you were at my church. <3

    Enough flattery haha I was wondering how you made the "A Selection of Random Posts" ?

  2. Aw thanks, Danica! You are way too kind, and I really am flattered! It means so much to me to hear that :)

    As for the random posts, I just used a widget I found online. Here are the instructions for adding it:

  3. Good luck with the job application process, I know that can be so incredibly stressful not knowing what happens next. But you have such a great attitude. I'll be thinking about you!
    I love your blog! And I wanted to let you know I left you an award on my blog today! :)

  4. You're very welcome.

    P.S I can't get it to work for some reason. haha I have thee worst luck with html blog stuff.


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