Cupcake Reminders that Life is Sweet, Even When It Doesn't Feel Like It

A couple weeks ago, Michael was running some errands, dropping off a job application, meeting up with folks for lunch, etc. He returned, looking dapper not only because he was donning a shirt and tie, but also because he had a surprise for me. Oh, how I love surprises!

I think Michael learned early on that it takes little to make me squeal with delight. When we first moved into our apartment, we had to run up to the home improvement store for some nails and screws. He ran in, while I waited in the car. And what did he come back with, but a candy bar. Give me a 50-cent candy bar, and I will feel like you just gave me the world.

So when he came home, he had a fancy bag behind his back. After I closed my eyes and held out my hands, I discovered that inside the bag were half a dozen cupcakes of all different flavors. There was cookies and creme, red velvet, carrot cake and, my favorite, mint chocolate.

It could not have been better timing because it was later that day that we received the news I've been dreading for months—almost a year—now: That my freelancing gig will soon come to an end.

Now mind you, I am well aware of how blessed we are. This was only supposed to last a couple of months, originally December at the latest. But it has now lasted more than a year. A year of getting to wake up whenever I like, work from my couch in my PJ's, take a manuscript and read down at the park, and mull writing ideas while I'm running errands.

And so now that the sands of time have revealed themselves, that time is running out, I struggle to not be disappointed. Because this past year has been so good for me and so good for my marriage, to get to set my schedule around Michael and his classes or his studying. It's allowed me to run errands during the day, when grocery-store aisles are empty and the post-office lines are short.

We're not positive when the end will be. It's really not about time, though, but instead about God and his provision and trusting him. He can work miracles and provide a job in a less than a day. So even though I am admittedly disappointed, I remember him and his promises and dare myself to see this as an opportunity to watch him work.

After I read the email that shared the news, I turned to Michael and told him, "Well, now I'm really glad you got those cupcakes!"

So, for the next few days, we ate like kings and queens. Eating up our little cupcakes, bite by bite, we were reminded that even when things look scary and uncertain and foreboding, life is still sweet and full of surprises to come.

Note: I originally heard the tentative news about 6 weeks ago, but didn't want to post anything until things started looking more official (which I hope you can understand!). I'm still holding out hope that it will take awhile for them to find my replacement, to give us ample time to find a full-time income replacement for either/both of us. From here on out I'll do my best to share any other updates in a more timely fashion! Thanks for your support! 

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  1. I'll be praying for you two, Carmen! I'm excited to see what God has in store. Your next adventure is sure to be amazing! :)


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