What's On My To-Do List for This Week

Every Sunday I share what's on my to-do list for the week ahead, and mark the items off as I go. See all my past to-do lists here. Read my list below, and then join in and share your own via the link-up that follows!

  • Make new batch of baking-soda shampoo
  • Drop off recyclables at Whole Foods
  • Download photos from camera, and type up a bunch of recipes that I've tried recently and plan on posting soon
  • Find some photos to accompany a couple of posts I've typed up recently
  • Add a couple of extra navigation buttons to the rainbow table-of-contents I have going on in the columns here (I'm thinking one for "green living" and another to keep track of my weekly to-do list projects)
  • Transfer prescription and order some photos I've been meaning to print
  • Organize the shelves inside our built-in hutch that houses all my projects for work and office supplies
  • Go through my closet and get rid of clothes that I don't wear anymore (either to donate, use for crafts or find ways to update them so I'll wear them more often)
  • Hang some small artwork in our kitchen
  • Grocery shopping and determine menu to make sure none of the veggies we bought at the farmer's market go to waste!
  • Print out and file away some new recipes I've found to try
  • Read new book I got to review, Cooking for Geeks
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Then just come back here and leave a comment with the direct link, so that we can all pop over and pay it a visit. And I'll manually add your link directly into the body of this post. Fun, right?! I hope a few of you chime in and participate. I'm looking forward to it!


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  1. http://achocoholicsdiary.blogspot.com/2010/09/getting-on-ball.html

  2. that is such a cute idea! so glad i fell upon your blog. i'm your newest follower by the way. :) I'm danica. xx

  3. @ Chocoholic - Thanks for linking up!! Good luck shopping for your wedding shoes!

    @ Danica - Awesome, thanks for following! I'm going to go check out your blog now :)

  4. Hey Carmen! I have a list this week :)


  5. oh yeah, and your list reminds me that I need to do the same to my closet. That's why this is so fun!

  6. @ Jessica - Agreed! Your lists are always so full of creative and crafty endeavors. I love getting inspired by them :)

  7. awww. thank you so much! We want to get married fall of 2011. The wedding and honeymoon would be low budget regardless because we are super young and not high maintenance. we are just stressed about after the fact. getting a decent apartment tis all. any advice or blog posts about that? haha

  8. @ Danica - Hmm, well here is a guest post that I did about saving money on planning a wedding in a short time period [ http://lifeblessons.blogspot.com/2010/05/our-wedding-planning-tips-featured-on.html ]

    And here are all my posts about saving money [ http://lifeblessons.blogspot.com/search/label/finances ]

    Hope some of those help!!


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