What's On My To-Do List for This Week

Every Sunday I share what's on my to-do list for the week ahead, and mark the items off as I go. See all my past to-do lists here. Read my list below, and then join in and share your own via the link-up that follows!

  • Memorize Scripture verse: I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. - Philemon 1:6
    (I'm giving myself two weeks to memorize each verse, so that I am able to really etch each one into my heart and know it for the long haul, not just to check it off a list!)
  • Finalize plans and decide on the projects I'll be working on for our upcoming craft night this week!
  • Research ideas for making a cute map where we can push-pin all the places Michael and I have been as a couple. Currently we're using a big free one we got from the Sierra Club, but it does nothing for our decor, in my opinion :)
  • Continue sorting through my clothes to donate or to add to my craft shelf
  • Re-organize drawers in my nightstand
  • Keep reading through Cooking for Geeks to review
  • Type up some more recipes to post here
  • Start ramping up on planning for Michael's birthday in two weeks!!
  • Determine this week's menu & grocery list
Link up and share your own to-do list!
If you want to join me in posting your to-do list (for the day/week/month/eternity!), all you have to do is copy one of the lil button codes below and paste it with a link back here into your post. (If you're reading in a reader, the code probably won't show up, so just come to the site directly to copy-and-paste.) 

Then just come back here and leave a comment with the direct link, so that we can all pop over and pay it a visit. And I'll manually add your link directly into the body of this post. Fun, right?! I hope a few of you chime in and participate. I'm looking forward to it!


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  1. Posting my list helps me stay motivated. Thanks for getting me involved



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